Pastors’ Training Conference 2014

In the first week of July last year, our 4th annual training conference was held for all of the pastors serving around Cambodia as part of Fellowship of Hope Church. To read more about how it went, you can click here. There are photos and a letter of thanks from Pastor Sara. Each year these conferences have helped to build greater unity, confidence, maturity and knowledge in our pastors and youth leaders.

In late June / early July this year we will be holding our 5th Pastors Training Conference with the help of our friends from Perth Bible College. This will bring together ministry leaders from more than 56 Fellowship of Hope congregations around Cambodia. Please click here to view the conference and donation information, and we would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support (towards the AUD$12,000 required) to make this planned conference a reality.

Please pray that God uses this conference to further strengthen, equip and unite our growing team of pastors in their service of our Lord Jesus. If you are able to help towards the cost of running the conference, then please send your donations directly to Perth Bible College. And if you would like to spread the word among your own congregation, then please email them a link to our website or to our Facebook page (

Pastors Conference Flyer 2014

Pastors Conference Flyer 2014

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