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Recently, we invited the students parents to come again to discuss about their child study at the centre. There are many parents that make time to come to meet us according our appointment even though they had to work, they still come to meet us. It showed us that they want to be part of us as well to help their child have good future through education.



The student parents they are very happy to hear about their child’s study through our teachers. It makes them know more about their child’s behavior while they are at the centre. The teachers are also happy to hear information back from the student’s parents as well. We can know them and feel like our relationship is closer and know more about their family situation as well.



We also have examinations for our students at the 3 Centres. Each of the students will get the examination sheet to do the test. The students they really try their best to do it. Even though the test was not easy they can still do it because that exercise had been taught already. They just use their brain much more than often to search and bring it back to solve the exercise. At the end of the test they were happy to finish it. Some of them still talks about their test with their friends. It is to challenge the students to show what they had learnt in a several months.


Examination at HOH

By Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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