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These children started their lives in the same way as the students from TLC and HOH. The other centres have developed so much over the years, and this year our second group of TLC students will graduate from high school and start university (something that most Cambodians can’t even dream of doing, especially from poor villages and the slums). So it is good to remind ourselves how far we have come, and how much we can make a difference to the lives of the children at the younger Light of Hope centre.


Today we would like to show you some of the regular activities of the students at LOH education centre. Even though we don’t have enough sponsored children yet to hire a full team of teachers, other Serve Cambodia staff have been taking turns to help out along with the 2 full time teachers at LOH and ongoing input from Pastor Savuth. The children have been receiving healthy nutritional food for lunch during the week, regular lessons including English, Khmer, art and crafts, music and regular head lice treatments.



The students were also blessed to receive a visit recently from a team from Malaysia , as well as a few teams from around Australia. They were able to assist with teaching the students and to give them gifts of  food and supplies for the education centre.



When Light of Hope first started, classes were held in the local pastor’s house. They then moved to a neighbour’s empty farm shed for a while, before being blessed with the provision of the current purpose built wooden building which has room for all of the desks, chairs and learning supplies. At this time we are looking for more sponsors for these students so that we can afford the ongoing running costs of building a new centre for them to learn in cooler and more comfortable conditions. Fundraising for the construction costs is going very well so far, but as with any project it is equally important that the ongoing running expenses can be covered into the future. So your help would be greatly appreciated if you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring one of the Light of Hope children. Their futures keep getting brighter and brighter thanks to the support of people like you.

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