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Our Education Centres

Serve Cambodia is a non-government organisation (NGO) that has been working since 2007 with a purpose to help Cambodian People to get out from their poverty through give education to their children and to assist them to achieve their dream and their future. Today, Serve Cambodia has 3 Education Centers, they are Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Harvest Of […]

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Update News of Church Land

The Fellowship of Hope Church has decided to buy a size of land 17.50m x 20m the cost is USD$30,100 in Phnom Penh. The congregation have sharing the offering together and also our sister churches across the country had gave some as well, more than that we have one family in US, Khmer American pastor […]

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The Top 10 Student Competition

On October 13th in 2014, There was the top 10 competition at TLC and there were three Serve Cambodia education centres that get exam together: TLC, HOH and LOH. We note that it is many advantage for the top 10 students from each centre to improve their knowledge, build the communication, and get more experience. […]

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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