Community family plan in the next 3 year!

Through the very helpful training that we have had with ACCIR staff that come to help Serve Cambodia again over the last few month, we have recognize a lot of things for improving the way the community working together. To start in action we have done some work with the people in community that live in Happy Village I and II to find out their vision and what they want to learn or doing in the next 3 year.


In the last 3 month till now we have done more than 9 family interview form so far. It’s such a privilege to hear about their life getting difference from before. We are so proud of them to see they are growing in the better way. Through the talking we have some fun time and also we have some time to play game together to make it joyful and easy for them.


Anyway, we find out one thing that they are wish to have in the future is the land and house ownership that belong to themselves. We have encourage them to set up a good plan to achieve their goal if they are really keen to see that in the futures. So we have encourage to them work harder and try to save up the money that they earn today to have a good family budget plan so they able to get the loaning from other Micro finance organisations to achieve their plan in the future. Some of the families have been saving really well for the past few months now according to their budgets and are very encouraged about this.


Everybody in the world wish to have better place to stay and live in the good condition, so do the people in our community as well, they want something that they can achieve for themselves, and see the results of their own hard work and commitment. Finally, please pray for them to achieve their goal of what they wish to do in the futures.

by “Sochea” Sy Chan (Serve Cambodia manager)

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