Prayer Points

* Please pray for God’s wisdom, guidance and provision. We want to bring glory to Jesus Christ as we serve the poor of Cambodia.

* And all of the work we do comes at a cost. So please pray for God’s provision of our financial needs.

* Please pray for the ongoing running costs of the education, HIV treatment, and community development projects managed under our partner aid organisation Serve Cambodia.

* Please pray for all of the children and families at Happy Village, Prey Sor, TLC, HOH, Light of Hope, for the families who attend the Fellowship of Hope churches around Cambodia, and for the families in the new slum and village communities that our team have been working in over this past year.

* Pray that God would provide more sponsors for the education programs at TLC and Harvest of Hope ($50 per month to sponsor a child, and $175 per month to sponsor a staff member).

* Prayer for TLC and Harvest of Hope staffing. Some new staff are needed and we want to see wisdom, unity and a shared vision among all of the staff.

* Prayer for the health and safety of church teams visiting Cambodia.

* Pray for our rural pastors, as many are struggling to feed their families due to the sacrifice they make in serving God.

* Pray for the growth of Serve Cambodia and Fellowship of Hope and wisdom in prioritising and planning new projects.

* Pray for the continued spiritual growth and learning of all of the many new Christians and also the pastors / ministry leaders in Fellowship of Hope Church.

* Please pray for the salvation of those who are yet to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour! 

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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