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Life living in Rubbish Dump village

The Rubbish Dump village has 45 families who live around a rubbish dump, most of their jobs are scavenge at rubbish dump for plastic, copper and other recyclable materials that they can exchange for money and they can earn $4 per day. So do you think that $4 per day is enough for make their living for […]

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Through the very helpful training that we have had with ACCIR staff that come to help Serve Cambodia again over the last few month, we have recognize a lot of things for improving the way the community working together. To start in action we have done some work with the people in community that live in Happy […]

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The Road for Glory

Early in 2015 peoples who living in Happy Village #1 are have been blessing by get new road and people are very happy to see new road that happens in their village, and because it very hard in raining season with muddy and small road. This was so hard for them because they travel by […]

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Banteay Mean Chey is a province in Cambodia and next to Thailand border, most of Cambodian job are growing rice and some of them are farmer. And not long ago in 2010 The Fellowship of Hope church we start having relationship in that area (Banteay Mean Chey province ) and have a few churches now […]

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