It is an amazing thing to see Serve Cambodia’s Goat Farm always progressing day by day. In the beginning we just got some small amount of goats and now those goats have making many other little baby goats about 20 of them so far. We are so happy to see the change of the goat […]

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Thankyou to all of the people who sponsor a student at Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres. We hope that you enjoy this video, created by Vin – he is one of Serve Cambodia’s teaching staff and has a passion for media. You can look forward to seeing many more of his videos in the future, some of which […]

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Growing up can be scary, even if you live in a wealthy country with unemployment benefits, free healthcare, free world-class educational opportunities and disability / aged pensions. But for most children growing up in Cambodia right now, they face the daunting pressures to help their parents provide for the family, while also figuring out how […]

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As we let you all know earlier in the year, at the moment we are faced with some significant financial challenges mostly due to the worsened exchange rate, rising costs in Cambodia and the number of new sponsors still required. Sustainability projects (such as our Goat Farm) are being implemented but these are in their early phases, […]

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