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The Serve Cambodia 10th Anniversary

Over the many years, our community development arm Serve Cambodia has been able to provide free teaching services to students whose families are poor and cannot afford to keep their children in school without support, and also other children whose families were relocated from slum areas into the new location that was called Happy Village. Even though this happened such a long time ago, but we do not forget about the time we started and the opening of our official Serve Cambodia Organization, it has now been ten years ago.


We have achieved a lot such as our student had finished their high school and were employ working so they can support them self and their family as well. Some of them have also since attended university and some have completed trade qualifications. The adults in Happy Village have been getting better with their earning income for their family, some of them starting to enlarge their own income by selling products from their home and this help them to get another small income while they are at home, along with the man that is working outside.

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We can see that they had been changed a lot if we compared when they were at the slum area. Now their life has been changed, they have safe shelter, job, transportation, children being educated, and are accepted in the society. Also from this assistance in their lives, some of the families have managed to save enough of their income to buy their own land and build their own simple house that they can live in independently now.

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In order to congratulate this, Serve Cambodia had recently hosted the 10th Anniversary of the Organization for the Memorandum of the day that started our organization till today. Staff and students from the three education centers, parents/guardians of the students, and the Happy Village Community had been coming to celebrate our event at TLC center.

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They all looked happy and can’t wait to see our program, not so long we start our program straight away.  We have also organized competitions, acting, music and singing contests. Time goes by, at the end of the program we had prepare meals and drinks for the audience. Our program is finished well, and the people are really excited and happy about remembering what Serve Cambodia had done in their lives.

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Many thanks to all the teachers, students and those who were involved that have prepared for this program. You all have been organizing, practicing to make this event running smoothly. A very special thanks to all of the supporters and donors that always support us since the day that we started Serve Cambodia Organization.

by Phanna Hun (Serve Cambodia Education Director)

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Reading Competition

The Education Centers in Serve Cambodia had created an event to promote excitement in the children’s education, through a challenge to read books in English in our centers in this term.

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Each round there are six candidates made up by the top six in each class. These are the top students who are confident, brave and dare to stand in front and speak in public. In the program, there is an hour for this competition and we had judges to give point and all classmates joining the audience as well.

28870362_919254564907521_5527670863261859840_n 28872680_919254711574173_4215756824772608000_o

All of the contestants were confident that they will be successful and ready. Before the event ended, all attendees, as well as candidates themselves, are happy to look forward to their results. They all did a great job and we were so proud of them that they could do this much by using their second language to communicate so clearly to an audience. It was so difficult for us as judges to give the score because everyone has all the ability.

28871011_919254934907484_1353955643693727744_o 29067341_919254678240843_5916890914273361920_o

We are very proud of them and many thanks to the teachers for their hard work in investment for children’s life. And Many Thanks to all the sponsors and supporters that always continue to support for the children in Serve Cambodia’s education centers.

by Phanna Hun (Serve Cambodia Education Director)

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Spelling Bee Competition

The recent “Spelling Bee” competition was an event to test the ability of the students from Serve Cambodia’s Education Centres for how far they understood of their lesson that they had learnt previously, “the sounds, phonics and high frequency words.” All of the classes competed together.



Two of the classes’ student ability was almost equal except one class that was smaller than them, but doesn’t matter because the test was focus on the sounds and phonics and every classes had learn already. This program was taken place twice, once for the students that attend in the morning and again for the students that attend in the afternoon.



It’s ran for one hour only after student break time and all the classmates was invited as the audience and cheers out for the class. Moreover, we had invited parent of the competitor to see that their children were doing the competition in the school.



In a purpose that parents should be proud of the children and should do any afford to support for their children’s study. One of the parent that participated had said that “I was enjoy to see this completion take place and my child had an opportunity to join this program. It was very meaningful for me and my child and it really showed me that this school can bring the brilliant future for the student that study here”.



At the end of the program, every student are satisfied of the winner and enjoyed with the competition. The event ran very smoothly. We do this as the encouragement for all the student to keep their study hard and there will be a chance for them too.

by Phanna Hun (Serve Cambodia Education Director)

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Our Kindergarten Class

Serve Cambodia’s new kindergarten class has done a great job, each student is happy and enjoys of their study every day. Daily, we saw them coming with their friend by walking together to school with a happy face and looking forward to get in their class. They have lots of fun and learn many new things from their teacher.

20170622_142912 20170622_142906

They can hang up their crafts, photos, pictures that were made by them self so they can see their work and also can remind them about the lessons that they had learned. Week by week, the class always changes activities, craft pictures so all student feel new for every week which not made them bored of their class.

19832480_1575547672516699_1547230761_n 19758259_1575547679183365_1583732745_n

Recently we had passed the Appreciation letter for the best student that they had done a great job in the past 3 months, while their mums had visited with them. As the parents they are really happy and excited about the achievement their child had accomplished.

19622304_1570295843041882_137686455_n 19553524_1570295826375217_113090136_n

We also gave advice and suggestion to the parent to be a part of our centre by encourage their child to come to class and follow up with them while they are at home and be a good example for them. Also to praised them when they had done something great or well, monitor them or showed them direction to go.

19621636_1570294819708651_1081975292_n 19578489_1570294879708645_2055483181_n

Moreover, our nurse had shared about the body hygiene to the parents to taking care of their young children when they are at home and make sure that their child had good hygiene when they are at school. As the result, every student appreciated what they had done.

Thank you so much to all of our sponsors for the students at each of Serve Cambodia’s centres (TLC, HOH and LOH). Your support is what makes this education and opportunity possible for the poor families to receive, and training them to have more responsibility and control for their own lives and families.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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