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We will build our church with $10!

The mother church of Fellowship of Hope is based in Phnom Penh, which is the capital city of Cambodia. Today, it has grown remarkably across the country in its 10 years of existence. Through the leadership of the mother church in Phnom Penh, it has planted 66 churches and touched the lives of about 3,000 people.


Because of its growth, the leaders of Fellowship of Hope Church have decided to build a building by faith that will be the permanent base of their work in Cambodia. This project will be called “Build a church with $10.” According to the growing number of the Fellowship, our church leaders have decided to put a building by faith. We continue to be faithful to the vision that God has place in our lives as leaders as we strive to fulfill His plans for us. The Fellowship of Hope Church purchased a land in the Phnom Penh city (17.5m x 22m) three years ago. Our young engineers (who we have supported in their university studies) have design the building plan for the building of the church. The church’s building plan has two floors plus the roof level in the normal Cambodian style: the first floor will be comprise of a kitchen, a room for Sunday School, an office and the restrooms as well. The second floor will be the accommodation room for pastors and leaders, guests and students from the provinces to stay during the training run by the Fellowship of Hope church. The roof level / third floor will be the church hall, and we can also use this opening area for training, wedding, funeral, and any celebrations else.


Our desire in believing God for this building is that we can have a base that is modern, that fits the needs of the church family in Phnom Penh. That can provides comfortable accommodations to our pastors from the provinces when they arrive in Phnom Penh and the same goes for their children that come to Phnom Penh to study. Right now we rent a building, but we are believing for a building that can be a home for our church community. The new building will be able to serve the church and the communities in a more efficient manner because of the rooms that will be built, and the ongoing running costs will be much cheaper than renting. We as the church member will give US$10 each to this project, starting with the mother church in Phnom Penh, then in our network and sister churches across the country and we strongly believed that our God will provide to make it enough.

by San Sara (Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Hope network of churches)


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Valentine’s Day Gift

On Valentine Day, there was a big blessed for those people who lived around in slum area by received a pack of gift from the Fellowship of Hope Church. We know for sure that the gift that we gave is their daily needed, they were very happy when they have received the present from us.


Some youths in Cambodia they get confused with the Valentine Day, they think that they will spend their money to buy rose for their girlfriend only. More than that, they do something that the society or their parents can’t accept. But the youths and members of Fellowship of Hope Church have gave the offering and set up a program called “gifts of Love”  all the pastors and youths had spent their time and gave gifts to the poor people around the rubbish dump.

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We gave to them and said that Jesus loves you and we spent some time to pray for them too. We have seen that they were very excited and happy and all the children were smiling and surprised that was make us happy and have more strength. We still have the relationship with them by visit and encourage through the words of God.


Fellowship of Hope would like to say thank you so much for people who were involved to make this program happen. Without all of you, it will not happen. May the blessed of the Lord be riches in you and all of your family.

by Srey Lin Thol (Fellowship of Hope Church staff member)

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Update News of Church Land

The Fellowship of Hope Church has decided to buy a size of land 17.50m x 20m the cost is USD$30,100 in Phnom Penh. The congregation have sharing the offering together and also our sister churches across the country had gave some as well, more than that we have one family in US, Khmer American pastor and family live in Florida gave us some support and our brothers and sisters overseas had gave some offering too. Praise the Lord, on the 25th October 2014 it was the last day that we need to pay the rest of the money to land owner, but we didn’t have enough money to pay that. However, we loan some money from other people without interest to pay in that day, then we committed to pay back to that family in December.

Please keep this in your  prayer that we still need USD$15,000 to pay back the loan by end of December 2014. We hope that God will provide for us and we will appreciate your prayers in this area. By owning our own land for the church we will save very much money every month, by not paying the high rent and can use that money for God’s ministry in Cambodia.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all peaceful.

by Ros Savuth (Pastor at Fellowship of Hope Church)

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2012 Fundraising Appeal

Well can you believe that a whole month of 2012 has flown by already??!! It’s been an exciting month in Cambodia, especially for Pastor Sara & Sochea who celebrated the birth of their second baby daughter, Karis, earlier this month!


As we step into the new year it’s been time to plan for the future, and this has seen us create quite a large list of financial needs for the projects we are undertaking. This can be quite a scary task if we look at it through our own eyes, but we know that through God’s eyes nothing is impossible, so would you please pray with us for provision in the following areas this year?


1. As our work continues to grow so does our need for staff to fulfill all the tasks that need to be completed, so we are hoping to find sponsorship for an Administration / Accounts worker to assist Sochea (especially now that she has a new baby to take care of), 1 new teacher at Harvest of Hope, 3 cooks and 2 cleaners across our 3 education centres. These staff can be sponsored for AUD$150 per month per staff member.

2. We still need to find sponsors for 6 children at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre and 24 at Harvest of Hope. These sponsorships cost AUD$40 per month.

3. Donations are needed to pay for Serve Cambodia’s annual staff training retreat mid-year. This costs AUD$4,300.

4. An LCD projector and screen are needed to assist with training, meetings and presentations. This will cost AUD$1,200 to buy in Cambodia.

5. Donations are needed to help cover Serve Cambodia’s unfunded operational expenses for 2012, without which our community development projects simply can’t run. These costs include outreach at the Light of Hope education centre, transportation costs, staff health insurance, internet connections, public liability and building insurance, uniforms, community work in Happy Village and Prey Sor, family seminars etc. The total cost of these is about AUD$19,000.

6. Although the building project at Prey Sor (near Harvest of Hope) and Happy Village is already underway, to build homes for the families from Kian Klieng, we still need more donations to ensure this construction work can be completed. Each home/unit will cost AUD$5,000.

7. Once these homes are complete we will need to transport these families and their belongings to their new community. It will cost us AUD$1,300 to hire trucks for this.

8. In order to improve security for the families at Happy Village and Prey Sor we would like to provide better outdoor lighting at these communities. This will cost AUD$300.


As you can see this is quite a long list! Can you please pray with us that the finances arrive to meet these needs? If you are able to help in any way we would love for you to contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net, or simply make a donation by following the instructions on our website here http://www.fellowshipofhope.net/getting-involved/donations/. Donations towards all of these needs are tax deductible to Australian residents by using the code WR084 when you make your payment through ACCIR.


A large part of our focus this year is on building our sustainability projects (like the sewing project at Happy Village), so that in future our work will be able to fund itself in Cambodia without relying so heavily on donations from overseas. We would love for you to pray with us that God will give us wisdom in this area, to improve our current projects and provide new ideas for further projects we can develop to assist with this.


We look forward to seeing how this year progresses, and will keep you updated with regular blog posts so you can watch with excitement with us as we see God provide for these needs. Thanks again so much for your continued faithful support of this life changing work. We really appreciate your prayers, encouragement and financial contribution. God bless!

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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