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Harvest of Hope update

Over the last few months, we have seen lots of activity at the Harvest of Hope education centre, plus a few very obvious changes since February this year. Harvest of Hope is a new education centre in an area where many children and adults have HIV. Thanks to very generous donations from supporters, plus help from Mission Direct, so […]

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Merry Christmas to all of our friends around the world, and we pray that you have a safe and blessed year in 2011. And while Christmas lasts 1 or 2 days for most people every year, our Christmas time is much more spread out. To make it possible for our senior pastoral team from Phnom […]

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Harvest of Hope update

Today we have some photos to update you on the progress of the new Harvest of Hope education centre and HIV clinic. The centre is partially up and running, and there will be a lot more activity there from the end of this month. Centre manager Ura (above) has been hard at work for the past […]

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Soccer and painting

We have all been very very busy lately, and many many exciting things are happening. We have teamed up with an Australian church-based international aid agency, so our Donations page will be up and running again in just a few more days. We are just waiting on a couple of signatures from people on different sides of the planet to […]

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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