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Fellowship in Chaik Village

Fellowship of Hope Church in Chaik Village, Takeo Province is a relatively young church (not that any of our congregations have been around for more than a few years), and God has grown it from humble beginnings to a thriving community of believers. In late 2009, Song’s team of builders from Happy Village (with financial help from our supporters) began constructing a new church building in Chaik Village, as a gift to their brothers and sisters in Christ.

The new fellowship had been meeting in Pastor Neang’s house since it was first planted, and it had grown to the point that it needed more space. In January 2010 the finishing touches were being put on the building. Sam, Matt and a few more Australian visitors helped out with the plastering during their visit.

On the 19th July, the Phnom Penh / Koh Krobey women’s ministry team made the journey down to Chaik Village, and you can see how well the completed building turned out.

But more important than the building is the church that meets inside it. The women’s ministry visit brought together about 50 women from the 3 congregations.

It was a day of fellowship, worship and games, plus a shared meal…

…and some teaching from Pastor Vuthy. While this was going on, the children met nearby for their own separate devotional time.

We are so thankful to God that he is moving powerfully in our country. Through the ministry of Christ and the power of his Spirit, we are seeing so many lives changed, so many hearts healed, and so many families transformed. We are also very thankful to those of you who have partnered with us in this work, whether financially, practically (through visits and mission trips) or through praying for us.

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Those of you who have visited Happy Village more recently may know that Mrs. Luch from house number 17 has been going through a complicated pregnancy. Mrs. Luch is paraplegic, and her husband is blind. The pastoral team at Fellowship of Hope have been paying close attention to the family’s needs during the pregnancy, and many people have been praying for the safe delivery of their precious baby. God has been faithful, and we are now proud to announce the safe delivery of  little Hanna!

Hanna weighed in at 2.5kg, and the trouble-free delivery only took 30 minutes.

Isn’t she cute?!!!

“Dear my friends, thanks God for lady in house number 17 got a new baby and look very healthy. Our God is so good for that lady as you know she not able to walk, but in God’s hand everything possible. I jump up very to see this happened because it is what I had concern for long time. But our mighty God knew about my heart and solve all the problem for me HA HA HA thanks God! May the Lord bless you all. Please keep praying for her and baby. Love, Sara”




Soccer Champions!!!

As the world is in the grip of Soccer / Football Fever at the moment (due to the 2010 World Cup currently being held in South Africa), we thought that you would be excited to hear that our Friendship Soccer Ministry is producing its own champions.

Our Friendship Soccer Club competes in a local competition every Saturday in Phnom Penh, and was recently crowned Champions after defeating the World Vision team in the grand final.

The Friendship Soccer Ministry ministers to young men, providing the opportunity to participate in a sport they love (which they couldn’t afford to do themselves), while also teaching them the Gospel and encouraging them that God has a great plan for their life.

Thanks to generous donations from our supporters overseas, this ministry is able to pay the pitch hire fees and equipment costs that these young men simply could not afford (and not all of the pitches have such lush green grass as the venue for the Grand Final!).

It provides encouragement, friendship, spiritual input, and a sense of pride and achievement to all who are blessed to participate.

Praise God for the new found hope and pride that we can see in the faces of every member of the team. Please pray for these young men! And please also pray that God would provide more consistent funding for such a valuable ministry to the future fathers and leaders of Cambodia.

Who knows………… maybe one day we will see Cambodia competing in the FIFA World Cup!

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On Tuesday the week before last, the 2010 International Children’s Concert was held at TLC. These annual concerts are organised by Sara’s wife Sochea (she is the Manager of TLC), and are performed by the TLC staff and students, as well as a handful of other church members from Fellowship of Hope.

The International Children’s Concerts are a key outreach event each year. Sochea is passionate about using these concerts to reach the Koh Krobey area with the love of Christ, while also building the self-esteem and confidence of the students. 

This year nearly 500 people from the local area came along! The space in the new undercover area is proving its worth already. Many of the children at TLC come from local Bhuddist families, and a large gathering like this provides an amazing opportunity for Fellowship of Hope to build personal relationships with the parents and families of these kids.

The children put a lot of work into their performances, which included some traditional Khmer dancing…

… and some not so traditional break-dancing!

“We are thanks God that let this event happened in our village and TLC. This is some pictures from [the concert]. God is so good to us and our children here. In concert they are great performence we feel bless through them. May God bless you all. Love, Sara”

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