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New Education Centre!

Dear all, this is our new project at Dong Village and Makak Village - a new small education centre to teach the children of these 2 neighbouring villages. Pastor Vuth and his people will lead this project, and they have named it ‘Light of Hope.’ This project will be managed under the new NGO. So, my dear friend please pray for this project they really need your prayer.

May God bless you all, Sara 

Dear all, this is the pictures of this past week, we give all bags to kids at TLC for new year school next month also some books to big group that they need alot of writing books at government school too. I hope you guy will enjoy it.

Love, Chea

All of us at Fellowship of Hope are so grateful to God, and would like to thank the supporters and sponsors around the world who are helping us to reach out to many communities across Cambodia. We are so excited at what God is doing, and we trust in him that he will provide all that we need. Your prayers would be much appreciated, as we search for sponsors for 20 more children and 8 staff at TLC. Our next goal will be to develop the Light of Hope centre so that it too can provide a high standard of educational, social and spiritual support to the poorest of the poor in Cambodia.

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Dear all, this is some pictures from Pai Lin province and Bat Dom Bang province on Song and Sara mission trip. When you see all this pictures please pray for them. They are living in very poor condition, but their heart is for God.

Song and myself very enjoy to work on this side with them, but while we were in Bat Dom Bang province one of Song’s relatives pass away that very sad for Song and I. Anyways, now we are back to Phnom Penh and Song keep going to see his relatives at his homeland. So, my dear brother and sister please pray for him in this time I know it is very hard time for him. Last night I been encourage him it seem like he understand, but your prayer will be the most important.


I just want to inform you all that FHC now will include two churches in Pai Lin and one church in Bat Dom Bang to our big family Fellowship of Hope. They are young Christians and they need us to help them. The pastoral team in Phnom Penh commit to pray and help them as we are one family in Christ.


May God bless you all.

Best regards,


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“Craigie Hot Seat”

In the last post, we mentioned that 4 of the staff at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre have now been blessed with sponsors. One of those staff members is a young man named Phearin (nicknamed “Lightning”). He is Assistant Manager of TLC, and is also one of the teachers there. Craigie Baptist Church recently offered to sponsor Phearin, and the Craigie Mission Committee have taken a fun and creative approach to raising the funds required for this AUD$150 per month sponsorship.

In the last few days, they held a fundraising event called the “Craigie Hot Seat.” The night was based on the tv show “Who Wants To Be A Millionnaire,” and included a yummy meal. Members of the church brought plenty of friends along, and a total of 100 people attended. There was also a silent auction, so one young guy went home very happy with a brand new Nintendo Wii!

The night was a huge success, and everyone who came along had a great time and left with a tummy full of food. To top it all off, the event raised just over $1,000 which will cover more than 6 months worth of Phearin’s sponsorship!

Special thanks go to the Craigie Mission Committee and the three men in this photo - Luke Harris, David Miller (who played the role of Eddie McGuire) and Peter Thornley. And thanks also to the people of Craigie Baptist Church, who have shown such enthusiastic support.  They are a perfect example of how some enthusiasm and a little bit of creativity can make the world of difference in the life of someone like Phearin (and the lives of all of his students at TLC). Thank you!

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More Praise Points!

There are many, many things that we can thank God for right now! Our Donations page is up and running again (better than before!) thanks to our friends at ACCIR. And that is perfect timing, as Sara and Sochea have returned from their 2 week visit to Perth.

When Sara and Sochea arrived in Perth only 14 of the 96 children at TLC had sponsorships, and none of the 12 staff had sponsors either. As you might imagine, the situation presented quite a challenge. God had always provided for us one way or another, but now he has really out done himself. We would like to thank the people who came to hear Sara and Sochea speak at venues around Perth – your generosity is such a blessing. And we also want to thank Louise down in Tasmania for all of her tireless work (as always). 

As of today, 75 of the children and 4 of the staff at TLC now have sponsors. Wow! Thank you Lord!

If you are interested in helping to continue the work at TLC by sponsoring one of the remaining 21 kids (AUD$40 per month) or 8 staff members (AUD$150 per month) then please email us at The kids would love to have their own ‘godparent’  who will pray for and support them in their education, and the staff would be so encouraged to see how much their hard work is valued by others.

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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