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A new church in Phnom Penh

As well as wishing you all a Happy Easter, we would like to share with you some exciting news. Fellowship of Hope has been involved with helping many people in need over the years, bringing people the good news of Jesus as well as practical help. Recently, a new church has been built in the Kian Klieng area on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. A number of people from FHC gave of their time to build this simple wooden building so that the new believers there would have a place to meet and worship together. 

Life for people here is very hard. The small community of 21 families is located right next to an abbatoir, and the waste from the abbatoir flows out of a pipe in the wall of the factory, and directly through the middle of the homes via an open channel in the ground. As you can imagine, the smell from this waste is not pleasant, and it is not a very safe place for children to play. Many of the people here need to beg in order to feed themselves, and they have been in desperate need of hope.

Approximately two years ago, we were invited to visit this community by a Cambodian friend of ours who works closely with Louise from Tasmania. We began to preach the Good News of Jesus, and have also given these people assistance with food and other practical needs to demonstrate God’s love in as many meaningful ways as possible. Since then, we have seen 17 of the women and 8 of the men give their lives to Christ! Praise God! Another blessing for this community is that two women from Fellowship of Hope are working hard to provide English and Khmer lessons to the adults and children, as many of them have not been able to attend school.

These people need your continued prayers, as Pastor Sara says that the “people live in very poor condition, we need to pray for them and move them away from that place.” Please pray as the church continues to show God’s love, and explores plans for improved housing and income generating opportunites for God’s children in this community. And please also consider supporting Perth Bible College’s plans to run the pastors training conference in 2 months time (see the recent blog post for more details). PBC are still needing more donations to cover the cost of the conference, which will provide training to all of Fellowship of Hope’s pastors and ministry leaders – including those who are working so hard in Kian Klieng.

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Exciting News!

Well, it’s been a while coming but we have some exciting news for you!

After spending months doing all the appropriate paperwork, tax deductibility approval has been granted in Australia for the Serve Cambodia projects (Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Harvest of Hope, Light of Hope, the Work Skills and Education Project and the Happy Village community project). Praise God!

For those who may have been holding off on making child sponsorship payments until tax deductibility became available we are happy to say you can start paying these now and receive a benefit on this year’s tax return (if you are an Australian resident for taxation purposes).

All donations for Serve Cambodia’s community development work (such as education centres, etc.) are now tax deductible in Australia, while church related work is not due to AusAid regulations.  So please check the information here on our Donations page:

Importantly the code for child sponsorship payments has not changed and is still WR084 so if you have automatic payments going through you don’t need to make any changes.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks again so much for your ongoing support of this vital, life-changing work in Cambodia.

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In July last year, we held our first training conference for all of the pastors serving around Cambodia under the Fellowship of Hope banner, plus pastors from some of our sister churches as well. Click here to read all about it, and to see some photos of the pastors and ministry leaders gathered together.

In July this year we will be holding our 2nd Pastors Training Conference. Once again our friends from Perth Bible College will be organising this conference with us, and will be sending a team to provide teaching and training for our pastors and leaders. Please read the conference information below (you can click to enlarge), and we would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support to make this planned conference a reality.

Please pray that God uses this conference to strengthen, equip and unite our pastors in their service of our Lord Jesus. If you are able to help towards the cost of running the conference, then please send your donations directly to Perth Bible College. And if you would like to spread the word among your own congregation, then please click here to download a copy of the conference flyer shown above.

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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