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Amazing Academic Results

We are pleased to be able to share with you about the progress of the students attending Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres. Firstly, every month the students complete tests to demonstrate how well they are learning. Based on their scores they earn points which they can exchange for prizes, and this adds an extra element of fun and excitement to their learning.

Secondly, the Serve Cambodia centre managers are in regular contact with the local government schools to track the academic progress of these same students in the public school system (which your generous sponsorships support them to attend for the other half of every school day).  What we are most excited to tell you about is the academic results that the Serve Cambodia students are attaining at the local government schools. The statistics show that they are rising to the top of the government school system!

They are performing very highly on average compared to the general government school population. 105 out of Serve Cambodia’s 202 primary and secondary level students are demonstrating academic performances that place them in the top ten students in their class at government school. They have moved from receiving little or no education to now being at the top of the class in a very short space of time!

We are so happy to clearly see that the children are benefitting from Serve Cambodia’s education projects, the hard work of their teachers, and the generosity of their sponsors. It is something we are really praising God about. With an excellent education behind them, these children have hope for a brighter future with more opportunities for themselves and their families - plus they can be a great benefit for their community and the nation of Cambodia.

If anyone would like to sponsor a child at one of the education centres, there are still students waiting who do not yet have a sponsor. Sponsorships can be arranged by sending an email to .

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Connect with us on Facebook!

Serve Cambodia and Fellowship of Hope now have a page on Facebook, which will help us to stay connected with all of our friends and supporters around the world. So please head over to the link below and click on ‘Like’ so that you will be kept up to date with posts and photos, and you will be able to join in the conversation!!/ServeCambodiaFellowshipOfHope

Please invite other friends, sponsors and supporters to join as well, so that we can all keep in contact with eachother and stay up to date with news from Cambodia.

We are happy to be able to welcome back 3 teams from Mission Direct in the first few months of this year. Their project this year is to work along side some of the men from our local community to build a new sewing room for the Happy Village sewing project. When this is completed, it will be a great blessing for the women in this project, giving them more space and more comfortable working conditions so they can continue to earn money to help support their families. Like many of Serve Cambodia’s projects, this project is continuing to grow and will soon outgrow the space it is currently occupying. We are also preparing for more people to come and live in Happy Village when the relocation from Kian Klieng begins in a few months time, so it will be great to be able to use the current sewing room to house another family.

Mission Direct will be visiting three times over the first few months of this year to help us to complete the new sewing room. The first team worked on the structure and foundations of the building and the following teams will work on completing the outside and inside of the building.

It has been a blessing for us that we have been able to have an ongoing relationship with Mission Direct over a number of years and that over the years they have given us so much and assisted so much in the development of our facilities. It is a partnership of mutual love and respect which we appreciate very much, and we always thank God for this relationship.

We would be grateful you could all please continue to pray for the sewing and relocation projects as they continue and we will continue to update you as these projects progress.

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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