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In July last year, we held our second training conference for all of the pastors serving around Cambodia under the Fellowship of Hope banner, plus pastors from some of our sister churches as well. Click here to read all about it, and to see some photos of the pastors and ministry leaders gathered together.

In July this year we will be holding our 3rd Pastors Training Conference. Once again our friends from Perth Bible College will be organising this conference with us, and will be sending a team to provide teaching and training for our pastors and leaders. Please read the conference information below (you can click to enlarge), and we would greatly appreciate your prayers and financial support to make this planned conference a reality.

Please pray that God uses this conference to strengthen, equip and unite our pastors in their service of our Lord Jesus. If you are able to help towards the cost of running the conference, then please send your donations directly to Perth Bible College. And if you would like to spread the word among your own congregation, then please email them a link to our website or to our new Facebook page (

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New Homes and New Sewing Room

Exciting progress has been made recently with two of the construction projects at Happy Village: The completion of the ‘Happy Village Products’ sewing room, and the next stage of building homes for the Kian Klieng relocation project.

With the help of Mission Direct the new sewing room has now been completed. Here are some photos to show you the improved facilities they have helped to create. As you can see, this is a wonderful space for the women to continue their good work supporting their families. We are so grateful for Mission Direct’s ongoing support over the years. They have made a huge contribution to many of Serve Cambodia’s facilities and they are always a pleasure to work with.

If you have visited our new Facebook page recently (, you will have also seen many photos of the work that has now begun on the new homes in Happy Village. 8 new homes will take shape over the next few weeks so that families from Kian Klieng slum can be moved from their poor and unsafe conditions into a cleaner and healthier environment. As you can see, there is a lot of hard work going on and these eight homes are going up very quickly! Song and his team of builders are doing an excellent job as always. And Song expressed again this week that he and his team feel grateful for being able to support their families financially by being employed to work on this project.

Once this first block of 8 homes are complete, then the final 16 new homes will be built next at Prey Sor (near Harvest of Hope). The foundations have been prepared at Prey Sor already, and we are praying that God will provide the remaining funding that is required (averaged out at AUD$4,500 per home) over the next few months.

We hope that you will continue to pray for us and support us as this work continues. Some supporters in particular have been working very hard to make this project possible and their contribution is very appreciated. The fundraising committees in Devonport, Tasmania and Wagga, New South Wales have led the way with fundraising from the beginning of this relocation project - thank you all so much!

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Recent activity

Many teams have visited Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia since Christmas, and there has been a lot of activity everywhere! Today we would like to share with you just a very small sample of some of the things that have happened over the last two months.

Lots of hard work has continued on building projects (more photos and information coming in a few days time!), and this includes some improvements and maintenance at Happy Village. The entire roof at Happy Village has been replaced as the old roof had started to leak. The dry season in Cambodia has now finished, and the rain will be increasing over the coming months – so the new watertight roof and improved drainage will be a huge blessing for all of the families. A fire extinguisher has also been installed inside the village for improved safety where everybody cooks their meals.

At Harvest of Hope, a wall has been added and window has been moved so that there is a new classroom space. This will be a quiet place where an extra class of students can study. Ventilation has also been improved for the staff and students at Harvest of Hope by adding 2 ‘whirlybirds’ in the roof. Those of you who have visited Cambodia will know just how hot and humid it can be, so we are very grateful for these small additions.

At the Fellowship of Hope congregations in the Bantey Meanchey province, a large number of water filters have been distributed. This will help prevent stomach bugs and other more serious illnesses arising from the use of dirty water for drinking and food preparation.

Serve Cambodia’s staff have also been participating in child protection training as part of their regular staff development program. It is so valuable to bring all of the staff together on a regular basis to improve their knowledge and skills.

So much is happening all the time! We praise God for all of the improvements and opportunities for our people here in Cambodia, and we would like to thank our generous supporters who have contributed their time, effort, money and prayers to help make these things possible. Thankyou!

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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