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Serve Cambodia Calendar 2013

Hi everyone!

Last year’s fundraising calendar was a big success, despite the fact that we only organised it very late in the year and just in time for January, so there wasn’t much time to promote it. We received so much positive feedback about the beautiful photographs, and many people gave away copies of the calendar as gifts to their family and friends. David Lee from Light Bulb Works is once again donating his time to create the 2013 calendar in cooperation with Serve Cambodia, and he is donating 100% of the profits to help fund Serve Cambodia’s community development projects that serve the poor. Here is a sample page from last year’s calendar:

David will be taking up to date photographs in Phnom Penh in the next couple of weeks, and the finished calendar will be available for sale very soon after that. In the mean time, we would love it if as many people as possible can pre-register for their calendars by going to this link (where you can also see what last year’s calendar looked like and the price/postage cost):

The pre-registration is obligation-free, but will allow us to plan ahead to print in larger batches and make sure that you receive your calendars well before Christmas arrives.

David’s photography is excellent, and it would make a great Christmas present for friends and family! It is also a perfect way to promote the work of Serve Cambodia to the people you know, and a nice way to decorate your home or office.

(Please note that all orders and payments for these calendars must be made to Light Bulb Works via the link above, and not to Serve Cambodia or ACCIR directly).

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Our God is always providing for us and guiding us, and it is only because of this that we have seen so much growth and so many blessings in our churches and in the community projects we are involved with. There are so many things to thank God for at the moment but here are just a few recent examples of his provision we wanted to share with you.

Firstly, particularly due to the very successful black tie ball event organised by the fundraising team in New South Wales, enough money has now been pledged to fully complete all of the 16 new homes in Prey Sor. In only a short time now, we will be able to relocate all the remaining families from Kian Klieng, just in time before the flooding gets too high this year. Please pray that God will make the transition easy for these families as they adjust to a new place and completely different way of life.

Praise God also for a successful trip to Perth, where relationships deepened with churches and sponsors who have been a key part of our work over many years. The trip was also a growth experience for Pastor Vuthy, Meng and Phanna, who were able to speak and preach in a foreign language and country which was a learning experience and an encouragement to them. Plus there were also some team meetings with the Support Group to discuss key areas for development over the next year. To top it all off, the four Cambodian travellers even made a trip under the ocean to visit the sharks!

We also want to praise God that Sara was protected and healed from his sickness (he caught the mumps just before flying to Australia), and that others were not affected. It wasn’t much fun for him to be away from his home and family while still unwell, but thankfully after a few extra days of rest he was able to join in with most of the trip and was preaching with extra enthusiasm.

Speaking of preaching, the month of August brought the Fellowship of Hope churches so many blessings, right across the whole country of Cambodia. Our network of churches continues to grow at a raid pace, with new congregations being planted all the time. We have now reached a total of 58 churches, and so we have an ever increasing number of pastors and leaders in need of training and resources. Our dear friend Pastor Singh from the USA spent a total of 6 weeks travelling among our regional churches, preaching to the believers and helping to train the local leaders in each place. This has been a very big encouragement to many, and is so valuable to the growth of God’s people in this country.

Lastly but not insignificantly, we are thankful that the road in front of TLC could be fixed recently before the ground becomes too wet and muddy with the increasing rains. Over the past couple of years this road had become so bad that access to TLC and Happy Village had become more and more difficult during the rainy season.

We hope that you will be encouraged by all that God is doing in Cambodia. Thank you for your support and prayers.

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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