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Medical care and music lessons

There have been some new activities happening lately that have been a great blessing to the communities around HOH and TLC education centres.

One exciting new development is the introduction of guitar lessons for the older students at TLC. Some beautiful guitars were kindly donated by a church that partners with Fellowship of Hope. Many children in Cambodia enjoy music but because most come from a very poor background, they don’t often have the chance to access instruments. The children were excited and eager to be able to start their new music classes!

At HOH, one little girl was suffering with a broken arm, so some visiting nurses from Tasmania took her for some medical treatment so that her arm could heal properly. They also did health checks for the centre and helped many other children to receive medical treatment, as well as checking blood pressure for adults in the community.

The Serve Cambodia staff also received further first aid training, including skills such as how to treat a broken arm and what to do in the case of an emergency or a person collapsing. These are essential skills for staff to know so that they can take good care of each other and their students.

HOH Centre Manager Sok Chan says, “We thank God for teams who come and help our centres. Thankyou so much for praying for us, we will try our best to work hard for our kids and for our God.”

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Fun and birthdays at HOH centre

At the Harvest of Hope education centre the children have been busy learning many new things. There are always new games to play, songs to sing and new lessons to learn.

Recently, the children have also been learning about birthdays. Many children in Cambodia don’t know or don’t celebrate their birthday, so the staff at HOH chose the 25th January as a special day to celebrate and learn about birthdays. The January children were so happy to sing a birthday song and excited to receive a gift too!

As well as having fun, the children are also doing well in their exams, with four children getting especially high scores and earning a special gift. Because the children come from different backgrounds and education levels, many are from especially poor families and haven’t previously received much education at all in the past. So HOH has divided it’s classes into special streams so that children can learn with others of a similar ability. This is helping to make sure that every child has the opportunity to catch up, and each one of them can be taught at the right education level for their ability.

The staff are taking good care of the childrens’ education and also attending to some medical needs too. One boy in hospital with a broken arm had a visit from the centre manager Sok Chan, who brought him some food and encouragement. Many children in the community know the centre as a place they can come to get help and some simple medical care.

Manager Sok Chan says, “We have a lot of fun at Harvest of Hope centre…we always find something new to help the children grow up in the wisdom of God.”

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