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New kindy class and a common uniform

TLC education centre is happy to be commencing a new class. This is a brand new kindergarten class for very young children. It is aimed at little children who are 2, 3 and 4 years old and is a part time class running from 9am until 11:30 am. The little ones are provided with a morning snack, a nutritional drink and lunch at midday, as well as uniforms.

Many of these children are from families who relocated last year from the Kian Klieng slum. Not only do the children now have access to education from a young age, so they can build a good foundation for later education, but they are also guaranteed some good nutrition each school day. Many young children in Cambodia are malnourished and this can affect their growth, development and health throughout life. For children at this vital stage of brain and body development, this is something that can make a big difference to their future.

The class is also a lot of fun, with lots of joy and play included! The children are excited to be in the class and are very loved and cared for by the staff.

Another change over at HOH and LOH is the introduction of new uniforms for the students this year. They will now wear red uniforms like at TLC, so that all of the children at the different Serve Cambodia education centres are wearing the same colour uniform and can feel part of the same family. As you can see they also look very smart!

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Looking back over the years, we can clearly see God’s hand providing and caring for us. He has always been faithful to his church, growing Fellowship of Hope’s congregations at a fast pace, sharing the love of Christ all around Cambodia. And also in the growth and development of Serve Cambodia as a young organisation building a brighter future for the poor of this country.

In 2012 we were so encouraged by everyone’s support of our fundraising goals. All of Serve Cambodia’s budget needs were met, and both TLC and HOH education centres were brought near to full sponsorship despite an increase in students from the Kian Klieng housing relocations. Many people around the country were also blessed through the ministry of Fellowship of Hope.

For 2013 Serve Cambodia has some specific fundraising goals to share with you, and we would appreciate your prayer and continued support in these areas:

* Staff sponsorships for two project workers, two teachers, two cooks and two cleaners, which each cost AUD$150 per month.

* At Harvest of Hope the number of kids that still need sponsors has now reached single figures!  These sponsorships cost AUD$40 per month, and now we have begun to extend the program to the Light of Hope centre, which will bring amazing blessing and opportunity to the nearly 100 students there. As happened with HOH last year, in 2013 we pray that LOH will reach a sustainable level of sponsorship by Christmas time. This will mean that the full educational, health and nutritional program can be up and running at LOH in the same way as the other 2 centres.

* Approximately AUD$32,000 is needed to help cover Serve Cambodia’s unfunded operational expenses for 2013, without which the educational and community development projects simply can’t run. These costs include development of the Light of Hope education centre, transportation costs, staff health insurance, internet connections, public liability and building insurance, uniforms, community work in Happy Village and Prey Sor, family seminars, etc.

*AUD$2,400 for a staff training retreat that we hope to run this year. The aim of this is to not only improve our staff’s skills and teamwork, but to thank them for the incredible job they’ve done in the past year.

*AUD$1,200 for a projector/screen to help with training and education.

We give thanks to our God for his faithfulness in 2012, and trust that he will do so again in 2013. And we also want to thank you – our supporters - for all of your hard work and generosity. Whether you have been praying, fundraising, raising awareness of our work or assisting financially, all of your love and care for the people of Cambodia is such a blessing. We really appreciate the part you have played!

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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