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Sharing our faith

Recently, the young people of Fellowship of Hope Church had an opportunity to share their faith. Many of these young people are new Christians and are very excited to share their faith with others, but just like people in Western countries, they are sometimes unsure how to go about it.

So the leaders of Fellowship of Hope Church spent some time training the young people in how to share their faith. They had some time of prayer and of practicing with each other and then it was time to hit the streets of their local community. The young Christians lovingly shared their faith with others, some of whom were interested and accepting and some who were not happy at all to hear their message.

This was a good experience (though very challenging) for these new Christians to practice sharing with others and becoming more confident in how to do this with the people around them. We would appreciate your continued prayers and support so that the many new Christians in Cambodia will continue to grow stronger in their faith, and be loving and bold in the way they share their hope with others, while also being able to deal courageously with any negative reactions they receive.




Happy Khmer New Year!

To all of our friends and supporters around the world, we wish you a very late but very happy Khmer New Year!

Cambodia’s Khmer New Year celebrates the end of harvesting season, it usually falls on 13 April and lasts for three days. It is called Chaul Chnam Thmey in the Khmer language, literally meaning “Enter The New Year.” The children at Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres celebrated by having a lot of fun outside and inside, playing games and giving gifts. The children played balloon games, piñata, had sack races and played lots of eating games! The teaching staff also went to visit those students who were not able to make it to the celebration and wish them and their families a happy new year.

The children at Harvest of Hope centre are also now able to enjoy a new larger outdoor play area, thanks to the extension to the property. There are also new classrooms taking shape thanks to the hard work and generosity of Mission Direct. We have so much to thank God for!

With love and appreciation from everyone at Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia. May it be yet another year of hope and blessing for the poor of this nation.

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