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Faithfully serving Jesus

Dear everyone,

Hope you and your family are all doing well. Here is the pictures and the story of Pastor Khom.


Pastor Ket Sochkom live in Makak village with his two children. Khom is the pastor look after three churches in Takeo province.


Two years ago his wife pass always leave two kids behind one boy and other one girl live with Sochkom today. He is a full time pastor and also work as the farmer look after some cows for other to get small income. The children and pastor Khom live in poor condition face with hardship.


He is a faithful man of God even poverty never disappear from him but he has show us how rich he is in Christ. Please pray for him as we want to rebuild his house give him a better place to live for the rest of his life with the poor two kids.

God bless you all,


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Red Cross First Aid Training

Here are some photos of when Serve Cambodia staff  joined in with some first aid training at Red Cross Cambodia. Serve Cambodia staff member Sreynick says “Thank you to the donors that supported us to study in that place. We are so happy to learn it because we can help to other people at our home, in the country side and everywhere. Before, we never knew how to help other people when they have a problem like traffic accident, a wounded person, or a fainting spell. But after we learned about it, we knew clearly how to help other people. Thank you and God bless you.”


Here are some more photos of staff practicing what they learned.



They were very happy to receive their certificates.



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To all of our friends and supporters around the world, we wish you a very late but very happy Khmer New Year!


On the 14th till 16th of April 2014 there was Khmer New Year. It is our tradition New Year and a big celebration for this New Year. Most of the people in the city, they went to their homeland for gathering with their family because of these, make the city seems like very quiet. It seems like a ghost city.


As Cambodians, a month before the Celebration we usually play our traditional games and dancing. It shows us that we are very excited to celebrate it.


In Serve Cambodia’s education centres we also had many different games to play with our students as well. They were very happy and excited with these celebrations that were led by their teachers and everybody in the Centre. They had lots of fun and they can show their ability to win the games. Some of the students they cheers for their friends to win. This is the good things that we can fellowship with them. We had  special food as well.



Also, on the 30th of April, we also presented the students reward for the best students with education and good attitude, birthday celebration and students exchange their score to get school materials. They were very happy. It encourages the students to keep study hard and challenge for those who weak to try more as they can so next time they will get the present like these student too. Students are happy that they can show their present to their family and make their family happy too. It is the way we challenge the student to study hard as well.


by Phanna Hun (TLC centre manager)

and with love and appreciation from everyone at Serve Cambodia and Fellowship of Hope. May it be yet another year of hope and blessing for the poor of this nation.


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