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This the Kandoeng Health Centre in Takoe Province where the big support from CHiC fundraising group in Wagga Wagga Australia has helped to add the bigger rooms for the hospital, and we are nearly finished the construction over the last few weeks.


The Friendship hospital building will be extended to a larger size, with the money for this being donated from Australian people who saw this place needed to be improved and more useful for the poor in this location. This building will stand to serve thirty thousands of people who live in the 10 villages around this area. Serve Cambodia will manage the construction of this building and will be accountable to Australian government for using the fund in development way. The benefit from this project will go to the local community including members of Fellowship of Hope Church and Light of Hope education centre children who also live in this area, for everyone to get equal and fair treatment for their health care. The existing management structure of the hospital (an existing government owned and run hospital) will continue.


The government managers of the hospital will work with Serve Cambodia staffs to make an agreement where the official of the hospital and Serve Cambodia director will do the conference with people in that area to show that we openly for the poor to get fair treatment. Serve Cambodia’s future support of the hospital won’t be with taking away the government’s responsibility to run and supply the hospital, but will be to educate the local people more and help them to learn how to access the health care.


People in this location need to have a better treatment for support their physical as they do not afford to purchase medicine or checking their health with doctor. The local hospital was very small for that area, and so it was hard for them to provide enough care for everyone who needs medical treatment. Also Serve Cambodia wants to see people could reduce their expenditures by accessing the free health treatment for the poor, and save up to make more stable in their families. As family could use this saved money to support their children’s education and to increase that living-standard. If the people are healthy then it is easier for them to continue their work or studies and to support their families. This brings benefit to the whole community and the country of Cambodia.


It includes the pregnancy care for the women and delivery hall. Also the disable people will get place to go when they needs assistant. And the children will receive the preventing injection and medicine.   In working together as friends between the local government who runs the hospital and Serve Cambodia, this Friendship hospital will provide the fair treatment to people who have poor condition, lack fortunate, lack money. And now they have less worry of hospital fee or other problems, and can be more educated about the help that is available for them and more educated how to take care of their own health.

Thanks so much to the CHiC fundraising team, Serve Cambodia designing, planning and building teams, and ACCIR and Support Group development planning advice that all combined to help us to do this for the poor of Cambodia in a successful way for the future and show God’s love! We really appreciate you all.

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Dearest to the Support Group & Donors,

On behalf of the Serve Cambodia staff and the Fellowship of Hope church would like to appreciate your warmest welcome and friendly and great company to all of us while we were with you in WA. This trip would not be so successful without your cooperation and supporting to us, it was a privileged for us to working with you as family in Christ. :-)


The time with you in Perth and Busselton became a great experience for each of us with many memories that we were bringing home. There’re many things to learn from you and we believed that will improve in some way to be a better person. However, most of you made us felt like home especially your food even it was not the real Khmer food, but they are very tasty to us. :-)


Please pass our regarding to the DCF church, we are so pleased with their friendship love and care for us, most of you were picking up us from the airport and came to say goodbye to us before we leave Perth. You have owed our tearing a lot, that’s fine one day we will take them back. :-)


We thank you Perth Bible College for your accommodation and having us as part of your students while we were with you, glad to meet some of our friend and you are very friendly to us. For the support dinner at DCF church you and Smith family working so hard to supporting us and made us so relaxing with your great work very appreciated.


Big thanks to Mounty church, Busselton church and Scarborough church of Christ where allowing us to working with you, once again it was a privilege for our team member to do some performance and speaking in your churches while we were with you. We are so blessed to working with you and looking forward to keep working with you more in the future.



Thank you Smith family, Rebecca and family, Paul and Shani, Brett and Leanne, Rob’s family, Sam and family, Adam and family and there are more people from difference churches and schools that I have not listed down, but you all been very blessed to our team such a great family time. May God bless you always!



- From Sara

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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