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Urgent Prayer for the church land !

Fellowship of Hope Church has established since 2006 and right now we have 67 sister churches across the country. We can see that God has bless our church such a big blessing through the ministry that we have been working with.

Since we start the church all the member of the churches are praying really hard to have our own land for the church building in future. More than that, we also give the offering for the church to keep separate for the church land so until now we have saving up to USD$11,000 to keep buying a land. Right now, our three pastors has seen one piece of land in Takmao city, Kandal Province size 17meter by 21 meter and they sale for USD$30,100 USD. This area is close to Koh-Kabey Village (Happy Village) because of the government just build the bridge across the river so it easy for the people to across the river to come to the church. Moreover, we‘re also need a building to be built for the church and Children Sunday school, Meeting room, Kitchen, Office and other thing, etc.

photo 2

We are really appreciate to your prayer for our rest need that we need to pay to the ownership to buy this block of land. Please join us in our prayer because we are really need your support and pray to have enough money to pay for the land by the end of 25th October 2014.

photo 1

We are really hope that will help us a lot in future to save up money from paying the expensive rent which is increasing many very often, so we can use this money to do the mission work or helping other people need. Thank you so much for reading my story I hope you will enjoy it.

- by Sochea



You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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