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Our Education Centres

Serve Cambodia is a non-government organisation (NGO) that has been working since 2007 with a purpose to help Cambodian People to get out from their poverty through give education to their children and to assist them to achieve their dream and their future. Today, Serve Cambodia has 3 Education Centers, they are Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Harvest Of Hope Centre and Light Of Hope Centre.

Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC) is the oldest Education Center that was built nearly 7 years ago, there are 4 classes with 4 teachers, one assistant teacher and one day care class with a total of 100 students.


They are in different ages from 4 years old children till 19 years old ages. We teach them English, Khmer, Morality, Hygiene, Craft, Mathematics and some other skills as well like Computers in a purpose for all students to achieve their future.


Adding more, we also help them with the physical needs like a nutritious meal each day for every student, vitamins to support their growing and first aid care when needed.


Harvest Of Hope Centre (HOH) is the second Centre after TLC which is located at the outskirt of Phnom Penh. It will be take you about 20 minutes on the drive from the city. HOH has a great centre manager called Hin Vanna.


She is a great and creative leader with her team, and very well organised too. In every term, they have different activities or strategy for their student. And they provide the same education and nutrition as TLC, plus also helping some people and students with HIV in their area.


Their students are very interest to join their classes. We also have the competition with other centres as well like sports carnival and Top Ten student tests.

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Let’s see Light Of Hope Centre (LOH) now, which was the third Centre after TLC and HOH which is located in the province of Takao. It is about 1 hour away from the city. Even though are farther than the other 2 centers but there many interested over there. The students there, they are very thrilled of their learning because they understand clearly about their family situation and they really want to make change for their family.


LOH had spread the positive influence in that society. They are very appreciating to send their children to study with us, and the staff show a great example to the community even though so far they only have a small team and small wooden classrooms. It will be a huge blessing soon when we complete their new Centre building for better facilities, and when we have more sponsorships here we will be able to hire more teachers too.


Totally, all centers we have the same enthusiasm, want all of the student that study with us to have the brilliant future and good job for their life. They are the one who can transform their family, village, society, community and country. Thankyou so much to all of our sponsors and the people who support these 3 centres, and to our God for supplying whatever we need for this work.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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Update News of Church Land

The Fellowship of Hope Church has decided to buy a size of land 17.50m x 20m the cost is USD$30,100 in Phnom Penh. The congregation have sharing the offering together and also our sister churches across the country had gave some as well, more than that we have one family in US, Khmer American pastor and family live in Florida gave us some support and our brothers and sisters overseas had gave some offering too. Praise the Lord, on the 25th October 2014 it was the last day that we need to pay the rest of the money to land owner, but we didn’t have enough money to pay that. However, we loan some money from other people without interest to pay in that day, then we committed to pay back to that family in December.

Please keep this in your  prayer that we still need USD$15,000 to pay back the loan by end of December 2014. We hope that God will provide for us and we will appreciate your prayers in this area. By owning our own land for the church we will save very much money every month, by not paying the high rent and can use that money for God’s ministry in Cambodia.

May the Lord bless you and keep you all peaceful.

by Ros Savuth (Pastor at Fellowship of Hope Church)

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The Top 10 Student Competition

On October 13th in 2014, There was the top 10 competition at TLC and there were three Serve Cambodia education centres that get exam together: TLC, HOH and LOH. We note that it is many advantage for the top 10 students from each centre to improve their knowledge, build the communication, and get more experience.

First, they could improve their knowledge by race to spelling words, play game, writing paragraph about their centre. It can be open their mind of thinking and writing. Other things they can improve the vocabulary, wide knowledge and especially they really know their centre’ s purpose and understand how to follow it.

Second, they could communicate between each centre. Students, they are come from difference center and they can know each other by examination as well as at break time. They have opportunity to speak together and sharing the knowledge and build the communication to each other.


Third they can get the experience, the examination also a new experience for students. They can learn from the mistake answer and some words, and then can take the good things from other center to practice in their life, for learning to be good person or student. These are the experience they can get from the examination. All in all we can see the exam was very fun but got a lot of knowledge from each other and closely communicate and then experience for reexamine and hard learning and we hope that next year can have this competition again and we want to see it grow even bigger and longer next time and inspire the other students too.

by Vanna Hin (HOH Centre Manager)


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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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