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Health of mouth and teeth

The Health of teeth and mouth are very important for everybody no matter how old you are. If you don’t take care of it well, it will be affect to all of your whole body and affect the relationship with other people or reduce down your beauty too.


So it is very important to take care your teeth during you are young in order you will have healthy teeth when you are growing bigger and bigger. More than that, we should visit the dentist one or two times a year, just like we have brought our Serve Cambodia students to the dentist because their families can’t afford to do that due to being poor with low income.


The dentist has showed us what is the right way to brush our teeth and told us how many times should we brush our teeth and when will we brush our teeth. They also gave fluoride to our teeth to make it stay strong.


They had all the materials to fix our teeth if they found out the problem. They will tell us whether our are teeth good or bad that we shouldn’t keep it.


The students are happy after they have met the dentist because they have learned a lesson, checked out their teeth health, got their teeth fixed and have right to make the decision for their own self. And this can help their confidence and their health too.

We would love to say thank you so much to all the dentists that work so hard for them to have happy smile.

by Phanna Hun (Manager of Tarsha’s Legacy Centre)

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Valentine’s Day Gift

On Valentine Day, there was a big blessed for those people who lived around in slum area by received a pack of gift from the Fellowship of Hope Church. We know for sure that the gift that we gave is their daily needed, they were very happy when they have received the present from us.


Some youths in Cambodia they get confused with the Valentine Day, they think that they will spend their money to buy rose for their girlfriend only. More than that, they do something that the society or their parents can’t accept. But the youths and members of Fellowship of Hope Church have gave the offering and set up a program called “gifts of Love”  all the pastors and youths had spent their time and gave gifts to the poor people around the rubbish dump.

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We gave to them and said that Jesus loves you and we spent some time to pray for them too. We have seen that they were very excited and happy and all the children were smiling and surprised that was make us happy and have more strength. We still have the relationship with them by visit and encourage through the words of God.


Fellowship of Hope would like to say thank you so much for people who were involved to make this program happen. Without all of you, it will not happen. May the blessed of the Lord be riches in you and all of your family.

by Srey Lin Thol (Fellowship of Hope Church staff member)

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