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Recently was the final examination for all of the Serve Cambodia students and we note that all kids are working very hard to do research of their assignment and writing carefully to get number one of their examination. All the kids are confidently for the examination and they try to get number one to number five in the class. They are very busy with their studying and they are remembering the lesson that they had learned.



All kids are getting an exam with transparency and for each of the class teacher set up the table for them and stay with them to manage the classroom. Teacher set up the rule for them for the exam. All teachers reinforce for education of kids by no copy in the classroom, and the kids are doing the exam by their ability and with happiness.

students are got exame

The result of the examination is good for each of students got the high score and some improve a little bit of their previous score. That’s good result for them and their parents they very happy to see their kids passed the exam and got good score. Parents meeting are the way that teacher and parents have opportunity to discuss about kid’s education. It is not only their parents were happy but all teachers were happy and so proud of their students. And we hope next term the student do even better than this time.

20140930_144556parent meeting (2)

Thankyou to all of the sponsors who are making this education possible!

by Vanna Hin (Harvest of Hope centre manager)

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This year Perth Bible College will be sending another team to Cambodia in July, working alongside the Fellowship of Hope Church and the work of Serve Cambodia in Phnom Penh. During the mission trip we will also be involved in holding the 6th Pastors and Leaders Conference for the church leaders associated with the Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia.

All together

The church in Cambodia is growing and people are receptive to hearing the gospel. However, with the church commencing in 2007, and most of the members being new Christians, the church leaders need the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith and be strengthened for service in a land of much darkness. Among these leaders there is limited ongoing training and these conferences give a unique opportunity for the leaders to come together for such a purpose. The week of training will again serve to strengthen the pastors, encourage and unite the people, and have them return to their own churches as more effective servants of Christ. This training will have a big impact on the growth of over 60 regional and village churches across Cambodia. Please pray for this significant work.

Presenting at last conference

As you will be aware, the leaders who attend are mostly very poor, many surviving from day to day (often on less than $5/day). To be able to attend the conference they will need others like us to assist in meeting transport, food, and accommodation costs. The Fellowship of Hope Churches together with Perth Bible College have in faith committed to the project. It is anticipated that this conference will have 120 participants, focussing on the church pastors and other key leaders. The total cost of this conference will be around $18,000AUD (increased due to the fall in the exchange rate) and will provide 5 days of in-depth training for the pastors and leaders. All funds raised go toward supporting the training of the Cambodian delegates. We invite you to share financially and prayerfully in this work. If you are able to assist, tax deductible donations can be made via Perth Bible College, see the details on the attached flyer which you can down load here: Pastors Conference Flyer 2015 for pdf

3x pastors


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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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