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Top 10 Student Competition 2015

In August 2015, the 3 education centres in Serve Cambodia observed the second annual program for outstanding students for 2015, which was held at HOH Centre this time.


The contest was made for full day from morning till the evening. The competition this year (in its second year now) was a big challenge so everyone needs to try hard but they still had lots of fun as well. The competition tasks included: Conversation, Cooking, Games, Vocabulary, Math and Essays. We see that the team from each centre really strive their best ability to win, and the points for each group are not too different between each centre.


At the afternoon, we did some rest and the students they made friends to get to know one another more and more. After rest, we continue our contest by starting with a game. They really had pleasure from one program to another program as they continued the competition. In the evening after the competition was finished, the judging panel also announced the outcome of the result whether someone got No 1, No 2, or No. 3. All students from each centres really excited to listen to the result and announced. We also presented the Certificate for the 3 Centres and the student award prize for most outstanding student.

They all really happy to participate in the program, and we feel that it doesn’t matter which rank they achieved but instead they learn how to make friends, have experienced how to learn in group discussion and team support. And they have all been excited to continue to raise their level of achievement even higher through fun competition. We are very hopeful that we will do this top ten student program for the next year again, and each Centre will be making efforts to strengthen the missing gaps and improve further as they prepare for the next competition in 2016.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)



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Beautiful Smiling Faces

After the recent examinations finished in the education centres, Serve Cambodia’s students started to write thank you cards to their beloved sponsors. We could see them smile during the day they made their cards. They try to found something news to design and made the beautiful card for their sponsors. They have a lot of ideas to write down in the letter and they think what should they write to make their sponsor smiling with the letters. They do it very hard and carefully because they don’t want to make the letter dirty. They have their own responsibility to do it by them self.


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Also we were really happy to see the kids in the kindergarten class improve their writing skill. We never saw them writing like this before just read the alphabet and write A,B,C. But at this time I can see them growing lots with their studying, speaking and writing. They’re writing a bit slow but with happy faces. They really love their study time at state school and in the Serve Cambodia centre also. They love to learn new thing every day.

11651037_683751148437560_1482491965_n 11657573_683751118437563_1544833957_n

Finally, we are really happy to see all of our students (TLC, HOH, LOH) growing in their knowledge and the most importance is their faith in Jesus Christ. Please keep us all in your prayers as: wisdom, strength, good health, safe trip to other places, faith in Christ, loves each other… And we hope that you loved the card from your sponsor child!

AAE_3966  11655128_683765298436145_1291705496_n 11121145_683765301769478_1792372983_n

May the Lord bless you all.

by “Sreyna” Channa Keo (Serve Cambodia accountant) and Srey Nick Norn (Serve Cambodia administration)

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