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Student Music Band

Many of Serve Cambodia’s students have developed a love for playing music, and have been receiving lessons as part of the program. They started to learn with their teachers, and some have also been gathering as a group band. This is the great opportunity for students that wanted to have their own band, and now they are also having the opportunity to perform by playing music at a local church service.


Everybody sits down with their teacher to decide on the chosen instrument they want to play and with their talent. We have seen that everyone is happy to play their chosen instrument.


They are very happy to learn music – at the beginning they learn about the foundation lessons, later on they learn chords, and then practice with the instrument. And eventually to perform for others!


They try their best to learn and play. More than that, they are taking turns for practicing their lessons at home. When they come to school again if they have any question or anything they have a chance to ask more with their teachers.


We have seen that they have improved lots, now they can play and remember songs. They are now learning to play as a band. It seems like they will keep getting better and better as long as they remember to practice.

by Phanna Hun (TLC centre manager)

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