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May our Lord Jesus bless you all at this time of Christmas, the celebration of his birth here in our world! We would love you to take a look at the photos and videos of our Christmas celebrations in Cambodia for both Serve Cambodia’s community development projects and also the Fellowship of Hope church network – we will be sharing them on our Facebook page as we celebrate on different days around the different locations:

So far you will be able to see us preparing the Christmas presents for all of the Serve Cambodia students at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Light of Hope and Harvest of Hope education centres.

Christmas presents

We pray for your peace and safety as you celebrate this time with your families and loved ones. Thank you all for helping us to show God’s love to the poor in Cambodia in practical ways, just as he showed his love for us in sending Jesus Christ to save and bless the world.

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Goat’s Farm Update

Serve Cambodia’s Goat farm Project is progressing to achieve what we have planned, even though it was a bit slow to get started. But we are working towards our goal, planning carefully for the best result. We still have the possibility to plant Mango trees on part of the 4 hectare block, but will start with building up the farm profitably with goats first.

The goal of our Goat farm Project is to make Serve Cambodia’s education and community development projects in Cambodia financially strong and sustainable for the long future. So we start to rely partly on our own income generation not only from the support of our wonderful sponsors.

So what we have done so far:

  • We have cleared the whole land and remove the rock that spread in land.


  • We have planted the posts to making the gate to prevent any goat to get out from our farm.


  • We built 2 goat houses that connected each other, and with 3 cages each house that can contain more than 200 goats altogether by the house made by bamboo & tin. It is a safe place for the goats to sleep at night time.


  • We dig the well, as well as put the big water tank to making the water system in the whole farm.


  • We employed the staffs from the local community people, who is experience of raising the goat, looking after & helping to produce the babies when needed their hand. Also we built the house for them to stay in.


  • We have visited to one goat farm to know the technique to raise the goat & look after, and we have asked to purchased goat from them as well. They just sold us 9 goats so far, and they gave our staff 1 week of extra training. And this week we have visited another 2 farms that they have approximately 50 goats. So we will making the decision to buy more.



  • Also, we planned  to equip the electric system of using the solar board for sustainable power.

So this is our progress with our goat farm so far, and we want to say Thank You to our partners & friends that always bless us through their kindness and donations to making it all happening. In more time this farm will bring a big contribution to the budget for running Serve Cambodia’s projects for the future.

May God bless you all.

by Hong Kim (Administrator of Serve Cambodia)

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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