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On the 8th of March we celebrated International Women’s Day, a day for remembering the importance of women and working to build up women’s rights in the community. Maybe you have already seen some more photos from our Facebook page that day. There are even some videos on there showing the fun that we were having.


The women in the Happy Village and some others from surrounding villages were getting together to fellowship, learn and also sharing things around. However, on that day we all came to celebrating, but also every one of us brought some things for the party that reduced the burden of the one who arranging the program. It was an excellent women meeting, because during that time we can sharing women problem and strengthen one other to be strong also live in a way that is happy. In the program we including worship, Bible study and lots of games, it was so much fun and building up such a strong relationship between all the women.


Finally, after the meeting we have a great fellowship and enjoying with all kind of food that the women brought from their homes. This meeting will happen again in May as all of the women decided as the group. Please keep all the women in your prayer, because we really want to see all the women becoming more involved with society and more involved in public decisions to help themselves and their community.

by “Sochea” Sy Chan


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