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As we let you all know earlier in the year, at the moment we are faced with some significant financial challenges mostly due to the worsened exchange rate, rising costs in Cambodia and the number of new sponsors still required. Sustainability projects (such as our Goat Farm) are being implemented but these are in their early phases, so we need to carefully manage our finances over the next few years to meet budget.

During March we have seen the generosity of our precious supporters and the blessing of our God, with a number of new sponsors coming on board as well as some extra one-off donations. This has been the perfect additional amount to meet the needs of the Serve Cambodia projects for that month, so thankyou very much to those people!

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Please still consider supporting Serve Cambodia in the following additional ways during the remaining 9 months of this year:

          * praying for God’s continuing provision, including the success of our new Goat Farms which given time to grow will assist with the sustainable generation of income that can be reinvested into helping to fund Serve Cambodia’s other projects

          * finding a friend who will sponsor a child or a staff member in the Education centres. We are aiming to get more than 100 further students sponsored this year. Student sponsorship is A$45 per month, and staff sponsorship ranges from A$100 – A$175 per month

          * giving a one off donation to help cover this year’s current operational shortfall (equivalent to A$6,000 per month at present) that is not currently covered by ongoing sponsorships

          * donating towards the construction of the third and final stage at Light of Hope Centre, which will cost around A$52,000

If you know someone who is interested in sponsoring a student they can email us at:

If you would like to make a donation online you can do so via our partner ACCIR here (please note the donation as being for “Fundraising Appeal”):

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In 2006, Fellowship of Hope Church was created under the direction of three pastors. Since then, they have been harmonizing and managing the ministry to see the Gospel brought throughout Cambodia.  At the beginning, the church met at one of the pastors’ sister’s empty house. After a few years, we had the opportunity to rent the building where now meet. That was made possible with the help of Bunhour’s family from the United States who has been sponsoring our rent until now. These same people are now in Cambodia visiting and helping us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

God has called us to share the gospel to unreached and has faithfully increased our work, not only in our church in Phnom Penh, but in other provinces of Cambodia as well, with over 65 churches in our network. We continually reach people that have never heard about Jesus. Our role as servants of Christ is to share His good news and His miracles everywhere. Every year, all of our leaders from around the country meet together in one place for a training conference supported by Perth Bible College, teaching them, encouraging them in their faith and trials, showing them how to be better leaders especially in times of difficulty, and creating and reinforcing relationship among us.


Two or three times a year, we also organise another seminar for pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches, supported by our brothers and sisters overseas. It helps them mature and grow in their faith, and further enable them to teach their own congregations. It is a time when they can also have relationships and fellowship with other pastors, through discussions, sharing meals or playing games. There is a session of questions and answers, when the leaders and pastors speak about difficulties they are facing, receive the appropriate solutions, and pray together as we know that God is bigger than any problems.


All the difficulties that our pastors or congregations face reminds us of how we are spread out across a large distance. With some problems we can not always help them physically, but we know that there is someone who can help us in everything that is Jesus Christ. As one family in Christ we have supported each other in prayer, this is what we ought to do when someone needs His help, and the Lord Jesus Christ He cares very much.


The past 10 years has been a testimony of God’s faithfulness and power as He builds His kingdom through us in Cambodia.

by Srey Lin Thol (FHC church assistant)



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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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