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This July Perth Bible College will be sending another team to Cambodia, working alongside the Fellowship of Hope Church and the work of Serve Cambodia in Phnom Penh. During the mission trip, PBC will also be involved helping to run theĀ 7th Pastors and Leaders Conference for all of the church leaders associated with the Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia to join together in one place.

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The focus of this year’s conference will be discipleship, under the banner of “Growing Together.” This particular topic was specifically chosen by the pastors at the end of the last conference. They see the need to have their people understand what it means to be a maturing Christian in a difficult and often hostile context. The week of training will again serve to strengthen the pastors, encourage and unite the people, and have them return to their own churches as more effective servants of Christ. This training will impact on the growth of over 60 regional and village churches across Cambodia.

The leaders who attend these conferences are mostly very poor, many surviving from day to day (often on less than $5/day). To be able to attend the conference they will need others like us to assist in meeting transport, food and accommodation costs. The Fellowship of Hope churches together with Perth Bible College have in faith committed to the project. It is anticipated that this conference will have 120 participants, focussing on the church pastors and other key leaders. The total cost of the conference will be $18,000AUD (depending on the exchange rate), which will provide 5 days of in depth training for the pastors and leaders. We invite you to share financially and prayerfully in this work. All funds raised go toward supporting the training of the Cambodian conference delegates. If you are able to assist, tax deductible donations can be made via Perth Bible College – download a copy of the conference flyer for details on how to donate. <Download conference flyer>

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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