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It is an amazing thing to see Serve Cambodia’s Goat Farm always progressing day by day. In the beginning we just got some small amount of goats and now those goats have making many other little baby goats about 20 of them so far.



We are so happy to see the change of the goat and it challenged us to try harder to achieve our goals for the farm in the future. We want to be sustainable in our NGO, generating our own money to fund our projects. And this is the good beginning for starting that.


Recently, we had bought some more adult goats because they sale on the cheap price so we just grab about 70 more goats. At the moment our total goat are 98 goats including the little goats. We have many other female goats that they just pregnant as well, so by the time we reach Christmas we expect to see another 50 baby goats born by that time and have recently built more goat houses for them to sleep safely at night.



The goat Shepherd, he has been very good to look after the goats. We see that our goats are healthy because they eat, drink and sleep enough and if something is not really quite right the goat shepherd always tells us. Now the goats have lots of natural things to eat because it is raining season so the plants, grass or tree look so much green and the goat they really enjoy of their eating.


As well as giving them food, we also gave the vaccination for all goats as well because we know that the raining season will cause many diseases so we just gave the vaccination for the prevention of sickness for all goats. We are continuing to follow up the goats and with the baby that they just born by given them the vaccination for the protection of any disease that they will face in the future.


Thank you so much for people who involve to take care all goats and gave the vaccination for the goat. And also for the people and churches who have donated money for us to build up this farm. We never ever forget for those who are at the back of us and making this thing happen - with your help we can start.
By Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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