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Serve Cambodia is operating three education centres in different areas in Cambodia. There are many students each year need to go through the big examination of year 12 or (High School) and in our country it is very difficult for anyone to pass this examination to be eligible for University. We have had a small group of year 12 students for this year, and some we had already supported to join Trade courses like mechanic or electrician before the end of the year. This year Serve Cambodia has 5 students whom finished the high school, so they were study very hard for the preparation of the big examination before the University. However, that’s the challenge to be encouraging all the children to working hard in all the study action and represented Serve Cambodia and their centres to gain success and achieve the good result. On the other hand even though the 5 students are from different backgrounds and lifestyles, and even though the system was changing by the Cambodian government, but the good thing is that all 5 of them went through the exam and the result was great that they all passed!!!


Anyways, this achievement of the student make the parents very proud of their kids and Serve Cambodia education centres, so even they are poor but the next generation will change their lifestyle in the better direction. Serve Cambodia has included them into the University and Trade scholarship program which we call the Work Skills and Education Project (WSEP). Recently we have the WSEP students meeting so the new 5 scholarship students were sharing their testimony and how they want to be in the future. Some of them want to have their own establishment and running a business, not only help themselves but they can employ or help other adolescents to get a job as well. More than this, a few students want to work in the government ministry to develop our own country to a better place. Most of the students are now working full time plus also study in the university at night time so please keep them in your prayer.


All of this couldn’t have occurred without your support, we’re so blessed to have all of you that have been funding us since we registered Serve Cambodia in 2010, and some people for even longer. Since then we have assisted many students to graduate from their tertiary courses and they can look after themselves well, and some of them are meeting the expense of their whole family. Also some of them are donating part of their income back to support the WSEP project for the future. We’re really looking to see our new generation to build up their capacity to make change in the world.


by “Sochea” Sy Chan (Serve Cambodia manager)

“Education. Learning as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life’s not meant to be foolish.”

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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