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Serve Cambodia Christmas Party

We hope that you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations last month and have all returned safely from your holidays by now. Christmas was a great opportunity for us as projects of Serve Cambodia can be all gathering in one place and celebrate the Christmas Party for all our students from the 3x education centres joining together at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC). On this Christmas Party we had prepared many programs such as show performance, Comedy, Lucky draw etc.
Every single center (LOH, HOH and TLC), they also prepare their own show of their centre and perform on that day as well. Moreover, we see that all the program were running very smoothly and audience are really happy and enjoy with our program.
We also had a beautiful bicycle as a big gift for those whom is lucky by the lucky draw. One mother of a student who lives in Happy Village II had also won a beautiful bicycle as a big gift on that day as well. She was very happy and excited because she didn’t have a bicycle at home for her transportation to work.
The special program that the audience are looking for is a Competition of Serve Cambodia Singer between the 3 centres. In each centre had collected the best singer to represent of the school and do the competition to get the Champion. As the result, the singer in each student had done very good which their voice, performance, confidant… and it is hard for the judges to give the result so at the end of the show the champion in this year go to Harvest Of Hope Centre.
So we just want to take this time as well to say thank you to all the donor, people who sponsor and support for Serve Cambodia that they always help and keep us in their prayers. Many thanks too to all of the Serve Cambodia staff, that made this Christmas Party – without your work, the student will not have a great time like this.

by Phanna Hun (TLC centre manager)

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Parent-Teacher Meetings

Parents Meetings are always held in each Serve Cambodia education centre every 3 months. This is important to cooperate with student’s parents, to assist to look after their children’s study at home. It helps to strengthen and enhance children’s capacities in education and particularly, it is the time to encourage parents to continue to send their children to school rather than push them into the labour force at a young age.



What’s more, we also spend time to teach parents with special topics that are related to daily issues like family management and hygiene, as well as other issues that they face when living in very poor slums or villages. Also, it is a great time for the teachers to narrate how progressing study of their children recently.



Thereby, Serve Cambodia cooperated with HELP Cambodia team from Australia last November 2016. To assist to hold a parents meeting in 2 education centres, the Harvest of Hope centre and the Light of Hope centre. The team provided their magnificent example and high dedication to support their children at school and the pivotal advantage of education for their children in the foreseeable future.



They added that, their children in Australia have a good job with a good payment after they finished their tertiary levels at schools, so they not only stop relying on their family but also to able to support their families. The team also took their time to play with kids by leading to play games, drawing pictures and sing songs.  Moreover, they delivered the study materials and burgers to children and parents. After finishing assemblage of parents meeting, a majority of parents expressed their delighting emotion to have joined this meeting.



All in all, education is an extremely sharp sword to break the poverty in Cambodia, and we believe that the young generation will transform their lives, families, communities and country from the poverty stricken situation for their foreseeable future.


We would like to say Thank You profusely for all our wonderful friends, partners and donors whom always honestly care, support and sponsor any child so far, as without your help it would not be happened and changed in their lives.

by Vanna Hin (HOH Centre Manager)

together with Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia administrator)

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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