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Kakada’s story

Life can be very different for one child compared to the next. Some children live in the good family which cherish and love them and provide the sufficient meals, clothes, money and welfare with fully protection from their families. In contrast, some children don’t have enough food and anything that can develop them to reach their potential. Or sometimes, they have to work to earn income to support their families and this stunts their economic development and limits their future opportunities.


Kakada is a student at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres, and he is an astute and outstanding student in the government school system and also in the Serve Cambodia centre, as he often gets number one in his classes. He is so sociable in the school. Some of his friends go to him and need his assistance of lesson explanation. Undoubtedly, all the teachers are so proud of him.


Unfortunately he lives with only his mother, brother and sister, as his father passed away since he was young. At the present, his mom is quite old, sick and unemployed from her previous work in the garment factory. Anyway, she still does her best to find a small income by washing the clothes, toilet or dishes for other people and earns approximately US$1.50 a day. As she has desire to see her children have bright future and proper job, she always encourages and urges her children to study hard and she is willing to carry on the existing burdens to look after her children. Her actions have shown a strong and positive example to others in her community for how they can change the future of their families.


Serve Cambodia has also given Kakada’s family additional housing and food support in the period that his mother still didn’t have any good job, so that she didn’t feel the need to remove her kids from school and send them to work. Serve Cambodia has given opportunities to many poor children like Kakada to receive free education, nutrient meals, study materials, uniforms, healthcare provision and last but not least, when they finish high school, Serve Cambodia also fulfils their dream by supporting them to have higher education or vocational skill in any university.

We also encourage anyone who wants to be part of transforming the Cambodian children’s lives and help them to reach their potential in the future, as they certainly are needing your support and prayers for them. The best practical support that you can give is to sponsor a child through Serve Cambodia, which gives the resources that are needed to continue this work.

by Vanna Hin and Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia staff)

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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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