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The life grown up by supporting

This is Seyha, he studies at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres since 2011. He is the good boy and the top student in school. He loves the school and works hard learning English language at the centre, among his other classes. He is the active student in class and he isn’t just a top student at the SC centre but he also the top student in the state school.

HOH 204 Hul Seyha

He has gotten the good result of an examination and the teachers at state school are proud of him. Especially in November this year he will get the praise certificate from the Ministry of Education. Nowadays Seyha is studying at Grade 11 and he will finish high school in 2018. He comes from the poor family and lives near the SC education centre.

hoh 204houl seyha

About Seyha’s family, they had originally moved from the slum and came to live near the Serve Cambodia centre. Even though he has moved out of the slum, his family doesn’t have much money. It is still in a poor area - everyone needs a lot of support to make a bright and new future where they can earn enough income for themselves and improve their lives.

Local houses

Local house

Seyha can study until finish high school by support from his sponsor and he is very happy for his education because he never thinks that he can study until finish high school and got the great result like that. He said that “thanks to sponsor that always support my studying and make me the top student in school”.


All the teachers and staff at Serve Cambodia are so proud of his studying and these past three months he is volunteer at the HOH centre and assist to teach the small class at afternoon. He always comes to help at the centre when he has time. We send our thanks to his sponsor that transform his life and get the bright future, and also to all of the other people who sponsor students like Seyha through Serve Cambodia’s education projects.

Prepared by Vanna Hin ( HOH Centre Manager )

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