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Pastoral Training with Mission Direct

As for several years, Mission Direct has been sending short-term mission teams to Cambodia from the UK. Whether through teachers training or pastoral training, they have been a blessing to many lives in Cambodia both directly and indirectly for the glory of God along side Fellowship of Hope Church. This is in addition to the amazing work they do every year in supporting Serve Cambodia’s community development projects, through fundraising for and helping to build new facilities, homes and classrooms.

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Last year, a couple of pastors whose names are Bob and Mike (who were part of the Mission Direct team) conducted pastors’ training for a few days on the Book of Nehemiah. They returned again this year with two other pastors Clive and Dave and taught on the book of Acts. They covered topics such as Pastoral care, sin, the cross, baptism, and worship while teaching from the book of Acts.

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The training started on the 13th and finished on the 15th of February. Some of the pastors that were present were from the provinces and they brought some of their elders with them as well. Now they in turn are able to teach other pastors and elders across the rural areas of Cambodia with what they themselves have learned.

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The training was mutually beneficial as the local leaders learned from the team and the team learned how churches work in Cambodia, the victories and the challenges faced by local leaders, and the sacrifices made by people from poor communities who dedicate their lives to serve Christ. They will be discussing about further training for the future, but for this year the local Cambodian leaders have received much and will in turn teach others what they have learned.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Spelling Bee Competition

The recent “Spelling Bee” competition was an event to test the ability of the students from Serve Cambodia’s Education Centres for how far they understood of their lesson that they had learnt previously, “the sounds, phonics and high frequency words.” All of the classes competed together.



Two of the classes’ student ability was almost equal except one class that was smaller than them, but doesn’t matter because the test was focus on the sounds and phonics and every classes had learn already. This program was taken place twice, once for the students that attend in the morning and again for the students that attend in the afternoon.



It’s ran for one hour only after student break time and all the classmates was invited as the audience and cheers out for the class. Moreover, we had invited parent of the competitor to see that their children were doing the competition in the school.



In a purpose that parents should be proud of the children and should do any afford to support for their children’s study. One of the parent that participated had said that “I was enjoy to see this completion take place and my child had an opportunity to join this program. It was very meaningful for me and my child and it really showed me that this school can bring the brilliant future for the student that study here”.



At the end of the program, every student are satisfied of the winner and enjoyed with the competition. The event ran very smoothly. We do this as the encouragement for all the student to keep their study hard and there will be a chance for them too.

by Phanna Hun (Serve Cambodia Education Director)

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