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Kindergarten Class

This year at Serve Cambodia’s Harvest of Hope centre has been created the new class for the little children, 3 to 5 years old. This class is very interested to the little kids and so beautiful. The students in this class can learn and play with what they want and love. In this one class there are 9 areas that students can learn and they can get different fun learning activities.

1. The small world area

The students can learn how to live and know about the traffic area. In this area there are a lots of materiel to show them and play. There are a lot of cars and different color, traffic lights, area for driving and sitting. So in this area the student can learn about how to go slow fast and know about the kind of cars.

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2. Home area

In the home area we let the student to know about the materiel that have in their home and how to use it. The materiel at this area there are cooking materiel and doll.

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3. Imagination area

The teacher teach the students how to use the paper to make the picture and drawing.

4. Phonics area

The student can learn about the phonic sound with the picture and develop their early reading skills.

5. Music area

The little kids learn how to dance and sing with their teacher, and develop a love of the arts.

6. Math area

In this area can help student how to know about number and count, in preparation for primary school.

7. Role Play

The student make themselves as an actor and drama with what they want and it also can show about what will they want to be in their future. In this area there are the doctor materiel theater and the student also can show the drama and grow in their confidence.


8. Construction area

In this area the children can use their smart memory to build the house and create everything that they want.

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9. The stories area

We have the story book chair box of the book and keep quiet for the student that they can learnt the stories with their teacher.

28175887_2018570761739856_687999336_n - Copy

In this new class the student very interested because they can change their activities and play with the materiel that they love. Especially the teacher can teach these children through using play and imagination which is appropriate for their age and stage of development.

by Kim Han (Harvest Of Hope Centre Manager)

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