Pastor Support Project (PSP)

Fellowship of Hope Church’s Pastor Support Project – to generate a sustainable future income for our pastors.


The Fellowship of Hope Church (FOHC) in Cambodia commenced in 2007. Today there are more than 70 churches in the network serving the poorest people of Cambodia. Most of the population in Cambodia live on less than $3 per day.


The majority of these churches are in rural villages where the people are subsistence farmers. The pastors of these churches also farm crops or animals in order to earn enough to feed their families. This means that they need to attend full time to their farming activities leaving very little time to invest in pastoring the community. Given the poverty of the people in the churches the weekly offering only covers the basic costs of running the church and does not contribute toward the needs of the pastor or their family.

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Your sponsorship will support a Pastor in Cambodia’s poorest, rural areas. As most church families are experiencing such poor living conditions themselves, they are unable to financially support their Pastor. This program seeks to; assist pastors with their day to day needs, develop long-term in country infrastructure and resources, equip pastors and other gospel workers through the provision of tools and resources.


Future Investment Fund (50%)

Investments in local projects to grow in-country facilities and income, reducing the need for foreign donations over time. These projects also support the broader community and church providing a level of stability around funding and infrastructure. Previous similar projects have seen significant capital and asset value growth, in addition to providing facilities for the work of the gospel.

Direct Pastor support (30%)

This assists pastors with their day to day living expenses. We want to reduce the day to day burden on the pastors, many of whom are subsistence farmers living on about $3 per day. This support will enable the pastors to train, teach and care for their local congregations by reduced dependence on labor intensive low yield activities to meet their day to day needs.

Training and resources (15%)

There is a great need for resources in Cambodia. Typical church resources such as bibles, educational tools and Sunday school resources are required to support the ministry work. Ongoing training and education is essential to reduce the cultural influence on the message (i.e. false doctrine), encourage the workers of the gospel, grow and equip leaders.

Administration (5%)

Fellowship of Hope Church has partnered with ACC International Missions (ACCIM). This partnership provides essential administrative oversight and third-party monitoring into the financial activities of the organization. ACCIM undertakes the mandatory reporting.


Click here for details on how to donate to this project.  And note that regardless of which payment method you choose, you must include a reference to your allocated PSP sponsorship number (e.g. PSP01) in the donation comments.


If you have any questions about the PSP or would like to request a PSP Sponsorship Application Form, then feel free to email us at


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You can contact us at or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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