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Serve Cambodia Christmas Party

We hope that you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations last month and have all returned safely from your holidays by now. Christmas was a great opportunity for us as projects of Serve Cambodia can be all gathering in one place and celebrate the Christmas Party for all our students from the 3x education centres joining together at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC). On this Christmas Party we had prepared many programs such as show performance, Comedy, Lucky draw etc.
Every single center (LOH, HOH and TLC), they also prepare their own show of their centre and perform on that day as well. Moreover, we see that all the program were running very smoothly and audience are really happy and enjoy with our program.
We also had a beautiful bicycle as a big gift for those whom is lucky by the lucky draw. One mother of a student who lives in Happy Village II had also won a beautiful bicycle as a big gift on that day as well. She was very happy and excited because she didn’t have a bicycle at home for her transportation to work.
The special program that the audience are looking for is a Competition of Serve Cambodia Singer between the 3 centres. In each centre had collected the best singer to represent of the school and do the competition to get the Champion. As the result, the singer in each student had done very good which their voice, performance, confidant… and it is hard for the judges to give the result so at the end of the show the champion in this year go to Harvest Of Hope Centre.
So we just want to take this time as well to say thank you to all the donor, people who sponsor and support for Serve Cambodia that they always help and keep us in their prayers. Many thanks too to all of the Serve Cambodia staff, that made this Christmas Party – without your work, the student will not have a great time like this.

by Phanna Hun (TLC centre manager)

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May our Lord Jesus bless you all at this time of Christmas, the celebration of his birth here in our world! We would love you to take a look at the photos and videos of our Christmas celebrations in Cambodia for both Serve Cambodia’s community development projects and also the Fellowship of Hope church network – we will be sharing them on our Facebook page as we celebrate on different days around the different locations:


So far you will be able to see us preparing the Christmas presents for all of the Serve Cambodia students at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Light of Hope and Harvest of Hope education centres.

Christmas presents

We pray for your peace and safety as you celebrate this time with your families and loved ones. Thank you all for helping us to show God’s love to the poor in Cambodia in practical ways, just as he showed his love for us in sending Jesus Christ to save and bless the world.

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Happy Christmas everyone!

God bless you all as you celebrate Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord! Please stay safe if you are travelling during this time, and we would love you to take a look at the photos and videos of our Christmas celebrations in Cambodia – we will be sharing them on our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ServeCambodiaFellowshipOfHope

FHC Christmas play

We have had our Christmas celebration at the Phnom Penh congregation already a few days ago, and will celebrate on different days around the different Fellowship of Hope churches and for the Serve Cambodia education centres so that the pastors and leaders can travel around to join with everyone and people can spend time with each other.




Christmas celebrations

We hope you have all had a blessed Christmas time and enjoyed celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. It was a fun time of rejoicing here also and we wanted to share that with all our supporters!

At Light of Hope education centre there was a big Christmas celebration for the children for the very first time. They were able to enjoy dancing and worshiping God together, share a meal together and attend a special Christmas service. Thanks to generous supporters they also all received a Christmas present of new school bags. As you can see they were very happy and excited!

TLC and HOH education centres also had a big Christmas celebration, including a Christmas service, presents and making Christmas cards. It was a great time of having fun together and also a great witness to the children and their families as they talked about the real Christmas story. Sokchan, the HOH centre manager said “We were so happy on that day. Thank you so much for your support to us, a really big thanks. Thank God for everything. May God bless you.”

A very happy New Year to you all from Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia. We are excited about the year to come and seeing all that God will do!

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