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Kakada’s story

Life can be very different for one child compared to the next. Some children live in the good family which cherish and love them and provide the sufficient meals, clothes, money and welfare with fully protection from their families. In contrast, some children don’t have enough food and anything that can develop them to reach their potential. Or sometimes, they have to work to earn income to support their families and this stunts their economic development and limits their future opportunities.


Kakada is a student at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres, and he is an astute and outstanding student in the government school system and also in the Serve Cambodia centre, as he often gets number one in his classes. He is so sociable in the school. Some of his friends go to him and need his assistance of lesson explanation. Undoubtedly, all the teachers are so proud of him.


Unfortunately he lives with only his mother, brother and sister, as his father passed away since he was young. At the present, his mom is quite old, sick and unemployed from her previous work in the garment factory. Anyway, she still does her best to find a small income by washing the clothes, toilet or dishes for other people and earns approximately US$1.50 a day. As she has desire to see her children have bright future and proper job, she always encourages and urges her children to study hard and she is willing to carry on the existing burdens to look after her children. Her actions have shown a strong and positive example to others in her community for how they can change the future of their families.


Serve Cambodia has also given Kakada’s family additional housing and food support in the period that his mother still didn’t have any good job, so that she didn’t feel the need to remove her kids from school and send them to work. Serve Cambodia has given opportunities to many poor children like Kakada to receive free education, nutrient meals, study materials, uniforms, healthcare provision and last but not least, when they finish high school, Serve Cambodia also fulfils their dream by supporting them to have higher education or vocational skill in any university.

We also encourage anyone who wants to be part of transforming the Cambodian children’s lives and help them to reach their potential in the future, as they certainly are needing your support and prayers for them. The best practical support that you can give is to sponsor a child through Serve Cambodia, which gives the resources that are needed to continue this work.

by Vanna Hin and Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia staff)

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We will build our church with $10!

The mother church of Fellowship of Hope is based in Phnom Penh, which is the capital city of Cambodia. Today, it has grown remarkably across the country in its 10 years of existence. Through the leadership of the mother church in Phnom Penh, it has planted 66 churches and touched the lives of about 3,000 people.


Because of its growth, the leaders of Fellowship of Hope Church have decided to build a building by faith that will be the permanent base of their work in Cambodia. This project will be called “Build a church with $10.” According to the growing number of the Fellowship, our church leaders have decided to put a building by faith. We continue to be faithful to the vision that God has place in our lives as leaders as we strive to fulfill His plans for us. The Fellowship of Hope Church purchased a land in the Phnom Penh city (17.5m x 22m) three years ago. Our young engineers (who we have supported in their university studies) have design the building plan for the building of the church. The church’s building plan has two floors plus the roof level in the normal Cambodian style: the first floor will be comprise of a kitchen, a room for Sunday School, an office and the restrooms as well. The second floor will be the accommodation room for pastors and leaders, guests and students from the provinces to stay during the training run by the Fellowship of Hope church. The roof level / third floor will be the church hall, and we can also use this opening area for training, wedding, funeral, and any celebrations else.


Our desire in believing God for this building is that we can have a base that is modern, that fits the needs of the church family in Phnom Penh. That can provides comfortable accommodations to our pastors from the provinces when they arrive in Phnom Penh and the same goes for their children that come to Phnom Penh to study. Right now we rent a building, but we are believing for a building that can be a home for our church community. The new building will be able to serve the church and the communities in a more efficient manner because of the rooms that will be built, and the ongoing running costs will be much cheaper than renting. We as the church member will give US$10 each to this project, starting with the mother church in Phnom Penh, then in our network and sister churches across the country and we strongly believed that our God will provide to make it enough.

by San Sara (Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Hope network of churches)


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Thankyou to all of the people who sponsor a student at Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres. We hope that you enjoy this video, created by Vin – he is one of Serve Cambodia’s teaching staff and has a passion for media. You can look forward to seeing many more of his videos in the future, some of which he is already hard at work filming and editing right now.

More resources are needed to support this work during 2016. Please consider supporting Serve Cambodia in the following ways during the remaining 6 months of this year, partnering with us to give Cambodian children and their families hope and a bright future:

          * praying for God’s continuing provision, including the success of our new Goat Farms which given time to grow will assist with the sustainable generation of income that can be reinvested into helping to fund Serve Cambodia’s other projects

          * finding a friend who will sponsor a child or a staff member in the Education centres. We are aiming to get more than 100 further students sponsored over the course of this year. Student sponsorship is A$45 per month, and staff sponsorship ranges from A$100 – A$175 per month

          * giving a one off donation to help cover this year’s current operational shortfall (equivalent to A$6,000 per month at present) that is not currently covered by ongoing sponsorships

          * donating towards the construction of the third and final stage at Light of Hope Centre, which will cost around A$52,000

If you know someone who is interested in sponsoring a student they can email us at: sponsorships@servecambodia.net

If you would like to make a donation online you can do so via our partner ACCIR here (please note the donation as being for “Fundraising Appeal”): http://www.accirelief.org.au/wr084

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This July Perth Bible College will be sending another team to Cambodia, working alongside the Fellowship of Hope Church and the work of Serve Cambodia in Phnom Penh. During the mission trip, PBC will also be involved helping to run the 7th Pastors and Leaders Conference for all of the church leaders associated with the Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia to join together in one place.

Conference picture

The focus of this year’s conference will be discipleship, under the banner of “Growing Together.” This particular topic was specifically chosen by the pastors at the end of the last conference. They see the need to have their people understand what it means to be a maturing Christian in a difficult and often hostile context. The week of training will again serve to strengthen the pastors, encourage and unite the people, and have them return to their own churches as more effective servants of Christ. This training will impact on the growth of over 60 regional and village churches across Cambodia.

The leaders who attend these conferences are mostly very poor, many surviving from day to day (often on less than $5/day). To be able to attend the conference they will need others like us to assist in meeting transport, food and accommodation costs. The Fellowship of Hope churches together with Perth Bible College have in faith committed to the project. It is anticipated that this conference will have 120 participants, focussing on the church pastors and other key leaders. The total cost of the conference will be $18,000AUD (depending on the exchange rate), which will provide 5 days of in depth training for the pastors and leaders. We invite you to share financially and prayerfully in this work. All funds raised go toward supporting the training of the Cambodian conference delegates. If you are able to assist, tax deductible donations can be made via Perth Bible College – download a copy of the conference flyer for details on how to donate. <Download conference flyer>

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You can contact us at enquiries@fellowshipofhope.net or PO Box 2574, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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