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Greeting to everyone! It is a great opportunity to unfold my brief testimony what God has done in my life.

First of all, my name is SAMDY, I am 21 years old. In the past I had lived in Koh Kong province with my parents, then I moved to live in Happy Village slum at the river side with my sister because of parents couldn’t be afford to feed me. Because of God’s provision, my sister knew Pastor Sara, in that time Pastor Sara quite often taught gospel to people there and later on in 2007, we relocated again to New Happy Village where near Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC) through Pastor Sara and Serve Cambodia.


Since then, I had begun studying in TLC where I built up my capacities by studying hard and absorbing knowledge and experiences in my class. I had studied English, mathematic, craft, computer, sports and so on. Besides studying TLC, I also created relationship with many friends. Moreover, every Saturday we rode the bicycle to church and slept there till Sunday evening when we return to our home. Every Sunday morning, I felt very appreciated as I can worship God, knew Him as He is my savior therefore I decided to give my life to Him. Moreover, when I was in Church, I was trained and instructed the guitar by brother Balou for years, and now I am one of worship team and I can lead the worship God with other players. I am really thankful to God so much.


Lately, I had graduated from my high school, and I am being able to study in Sectec University, associate degree Managerial Information Technology. In particular, God blessed me to work in Serve Cambodia NGO as an administration assistant. It is my great privilege and opportunity that I can develop my life with skills and experiences. Additionally, I also help to teach kids in guitar class in TLC, they really love it so much. They are progressing very well.

Last but not least, I would like to Thank God for what he has done in my life, and I also thank for those who are surrounding me, that always supporting me and encouraging me. Without God and everyone maybe my life could be scattered in street.
Thank for your paying attention reading my testimony.
May God bless you all.

Samdy at SC goat farm

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Greetings from the “Kingdom of Wonder”, Cambodia!

The Fellowship of Hope Churches (FHC) in partnership with Perth Bible College (PBC) held their annual Pastors and Leaders conference in Siem Reap at the Dara Reang Sey Hotel. The conference was held from the 11th to 16th July 2016. Two fifty -seater buses departed Fellowship of Hope church in Phnom Penh at 06:30 Monday morning and arrived 13:30 in the afternoon. There were altogether 120 participants at the conference. The team from Perth Bible College arrived a few days before the start of the conference.



The theme of the conference was Growing Together and David Smith opened the first session. There were four workshops: Honour and Unity, Family Relationships, Evangelism and How to Study the Bible. There were one session in the morning, followed by groups’ discussion, then a workshop and in the evening, there was a teaching session done by a local pastor or a member of PBC. There were a great spirit of worship and unity in the place and everyone was challenged to draw closer in order to work much more effectively for the kingdom of God.




All the pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches in Cambodia would like to say thank you to the team of Perth Bible School for taking the time and energy to spend a few weeks in fellowship with us and teaching us more about God and his word, so that we can grow together for the sake of God’s kingdom. We would equally say thanks to all that have supported the conference through financial support and faithful prayers. Without you, the conference would not have been a success in the life of FHC in Cambodia. We say thank you again for supporting us in our 7th conference together. We hope this report encouraged you and illustrate how your faithful prayers and financial support are strengthening the Fellowship of Hope Churches in order for them to be the salt and light in their communities.

You can also see our Facebook page for more photos and some videos of the conference as well: Serve Cambodia & Fellowship of Hope on Facebook

by Hong Kim and Worthy Williams on behalf of Fellowship of Hope Church




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In October 2015,  Fellowship of Hope Church  in cooperation with Peace Bridge NGO  from Phnom Penh left to Svay Rieng Province, for four days. The team was comprised of Pastor San Sara, Pastor Ros Savuth, Pastor So Vuthy, Som Oun (a trainer from Peace Bridge NGO) and Worthy Williams, a missionary under the leadership of Fellowship of Hope Church leaders.

11951244_888919061193171_8502015847962291497_n     12241028_918570434894700_3475336601066017692_o

The purpose of the trip was to train the local pastors and leaders in running a course about non-violent communication and reconciliation, led mainly by Pastor Vuthy and Som Oun. They arrived on a Monday afternoon, stayed at the pastor’s house, whose church hosted the training program. and had a time of fellowship with two local pastors, Pastor Chan Thon and Pastor Sambath and his family. The next day, the training program began with over 20 pastors and leaders present from that area of Cambodia. The team was introduced, an overview of the program was presented, and expectations explained.

11214073_1592694687669165_6280766441629552270_n1    12241105_918570988227978_6808204671472803743_o  

This training was included with questionnaire on conflicts was distributed and participants had to answer how they would react in certain situations. It was a set up point to teach on the principles of non-violent communication and reconciliation. After each set of principles was taught, the participants were divided into groups to further discuss what they had learned. Each group then presented their conclusions. At the end of the training program, each participant filled the same original questionnaire, so Pastor Vuthy and Som Oun could evaluate how much had been learnt in the 3 days of sessions. Each participant received a certificate in recognition of the work and effort they had made to make this program a success. Pastor Savuth, Pastor Sara and Pastor Vuthy also conducted a bible study in the evening , in which they encouraged the pastors and leaders to continue to be an example and a light in their relationships within their churches and communities.

12240242_918570508228026_8524755151978025589_o      12193732_458248117715583_5859454964522766803_n         12244473_918570844894659_5173520325746962997_o  

The training program was not done only in this church, but it will be extended to another region churches across Cambodia. We hope that we still have more fund to conduct this training program, So please pray for this, and we also would like to say  Thank You so much  for Bastion Baptist Church & Peace Bridge NGO for making happened.

May God bless you all heaps.

by Worthy Williams & Hong Kim

Fellowship of Hope Church

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Staff Training – Teaching Methods

Every year all Serve Cambodia’s staff have been equipped to strengthen & enhance their capacities by receiving the trainings both external & internal of their own working place. For recently, we had one team from Grace City Church – Perth, Australia.

2014-09-27 09.50.23 2014-09-27 09.50.08

They trained us for 2 days with many subjects such as:

* Class Management (how to attract the student to pay attention before starting lesson)

* Effective Teacher  (how to be a best teacher and have the positive influence to the student in the class)

* Good & Bad Rulemaking in the class (for good order and positive environment for the students)

* Technical of Math Teaching (for the more complicated maths lessons)

* Music Training (how to prepare yourself before sing or warm up)

So this 2 days of training with Grace City Church, it is definitely valuable and very useful for us, especially for teacher staff that some of them felt stagnant with their teaching before, but now they feel great and they have received more new strategy to attract to student to enjoy the study in their own centre. We hope that we will have more and more training to build up our capacities, not just in our education centres, but also in the Happy Village Communities as well.

2014-09-29 10.13.02 2014-09-27 14.20.19

Thank God for He always gives us the great solution or the best way when we meet the difficulties. We can see over the many years of these projects that He always equips us with what we need to serve him and to always improve the way that we do our work.

by Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia Administrator)

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