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New kindy class and a common uniform

TLC education centre is happy to be commencing a new class. This is a brand new kindergarten class for very young children. It is aimed at little children who are 2, 3 and 4 years old and is a part time class running from 9am until 11:30 am. The little ones are provided with a morning snack, a nutritional drink and lunch at midday, as well as uniforms.

Many of these children are from families who relocated last year from the Kian Klieng slum. Not only do the children now have access to education from a young age, so they can build a good foundation for later education, but they are also guaranteed some good nutrition each school day. Many young children in Cambodia are malnourished and this can affect their growth, development and health throughout life. For children at this vital stage of brain and body development, this is something that can make a big difference to their future.

The class is also a lot of fun, with lots of joy and play included! The children are excited to be in the class and are very loved and cared for by the staff.

Another change over at HOH and LOH is the introduction of new uniforms for the students this year. They will now wear red uniforms like at TLC, so that all of the children at the different Serve Cambodia education centres are wearing the same colour uniform and can feel part of the same family. As you can see they also look very smart!

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As you will have seen on our Facebook page over the past month or so, the buildings at Prey Sor are now complete, and the poorest families from the Kian Kleng slum have relocated to their new homes!

There was a big celebration to officially open the new homes, some of the fundraising supporters were able to attend, as well as local government officials. There were also 3 local television stations who filmed the event and interviewed Sara with some of the Serve Cambodia staff members for their evening news programs. (Check out our Facebook page to watch footage of one of those news reports!) This was a great witness to the surrounding communities of the love of God and His people for their communities.

The local government officials visited as guests of honor, and said that they are very impressed with Serve Cambodia’s work in the area and very supportive and appreciative of the work that is being done for the poor and to educate the next generation.

Although the building work has been completed, the project will continue for years into the future, educating, guiding and caring for the people who have moved here. They will be provided with opportunities to learn life skills, schooling, nutrition and medical support as well as being able to live in the new homes. We are so grateful to God that most of the adults/parents that have moved into these homes have already found employment in the new factotries being opened in the Prey Sor area. This is the perfect start to their new lives!

There is a lot to celebrate and we want to celebrate with you and say thank you to all of the people in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia who have worked so hard to raise funds and give donations for this project. To finish, we will leave you with the words of one young mother who has been blessed to move to the new housing:

“I would like to narrate my life before I moved to live in Prey Sor here. I used to live in the condition with the difficulties such as: we have to live in small space of house (looked like chicken cage) with several members in one family as well as my house is so old and nearly to collapse and when the rainy season, my house is drown by the heavy rain and water almost reached to the roof of the house. Both of us (spouse) never have the permanent and proper job and we make the living for survive and every day we have to pick the dung of cattle’s, by drying it and collect to it to make the fertilizer and we used to do fishing to feed our family. Moreover, we have no specific goal for our life and we don’t know where and whom should we could be relying on. And my husband used to addict the narcotic and he used to rob someone’s property and more and more…. My life looked like the waste in the Kian Klieng slum.”

“When I knew the three pastors (Vuth, Sara, Vuthy) my life have been changed gradually by knowing God, and every night we often prayed to the Lord, to ask for having the proper life (house, finance and career) and want to know God more and more. And God have made the great thing with us by His offer what we have requested. And when we heard that we are going to have a new house, we was so appreciated.”

“Right now, my family lives in the happiness. And we want to proclaim that only God who is awesome and He not even give us the new house, but also give us the new life. And my husband has abandoned the addicted drug and stop robbing by turning helping its family and making the living. And we have the real and specific goal such having the proper job as well. And all my kid are able to go to school both government school and HOH.”

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We would like to take this opportunity to praise God for His amazing provision so far this year.  It truly has been an incredible 2012!

Between January and November, our generous supporters have blessed us with one new Serve Cambodia staff sponsorship for an extra teacher, a huge number of new child sponsorships which have in turn enabled our education centres to provide opportunities for more children to study, enough money to run all of Serve Cambodia’s projects so far this year, and increased teaching resources and support for the many Fellowship of Hope pastors around Cambodia!

To top it all off the entire budget of over AUD$100,000 for the relocation of families from the Kien Kliang slum has been received, with the families now settled in their new homes, along with more than AUD$13,000 to cover other needs that were previously unfunded.  All of this is making a huge difference to so many families and individuals across Cambodia!

We would love for you to pray with us that God would continue to provide for the needs of all our people and projects as this year quickly comes to an end.  Serve Cambodia’s projects are continuing to grow at an amazing pace and there are still a number of ongoing needs, which include:

* Staff sponsorships for an administrative worker, two teachers, three cooks and two cleaners, which each cost AUD$150 per month.

* There are now 105 students at Tarsha’s Legacy Centre and only 5 still need sponsors, while there are 85 at Harvest of Hope and only 14 of these still need sponsors!  These sponsorships cost AUD$40 per month, and once these children are sponsored we will be able to extend the program to the Light of Hope centre, which will bring amazing blessing and opportunity to the nearly 100 students there!

*Approximately AUD$6,000 is still needed to help cover Serve Cambodia’s unfunded operational expenses for 2012, without which our community development projects simply can’t run. These costs include outreach at the Light of Hope education centre, transportation costs, staff health insurance, internet connections, public liability and building insurance, uniforms, community work in Happy Village and Prey Sor, family seminars etc.

*AUD$4,300 for a staff training retreat that we hope to run in the next few months. The aim of this is to not only improve our staff’s skills and teamwork, but to thank them for the incredible job they’ve done in the past year.

*AUD$1,200 for a projector/screen to help with training and education.

We give thanks to our God for his faithfulness in providing for us in 2012 so far!

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The 2013 fundraising calendar is finally ready for you to buy! This would make a beautiful Christmas present for family and friends, and will brighten up any home or office. As with the 2012 calendar, 100% of the profits will go to help fund Serve Cambodia’s community development projects that serve the poor. Here are some sample pages from the new calendar:

You can go to the link below to see what the whole calendar looks like, as well as the price/postage details, and to make your order:


If you order now, David Lee will make sure that you receive your calendars before Christmas arrives.

(Please note that all orders and payments for these calendars must be made to Pixals Photography / Light Bulb Works via the link above, and not to Serve Cambodia or ACCIR directly).

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