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This the Kandoeng Health Centre in Takoe Province where the big support from CHiC fundraising group in Wagga Wagga Australia has helped to add the bigger rooms for the hospital, and we are nearly finished the construction over the last few weeks.


The Friendship hospital building will be extended to a larger size, with the money for this being donated from Australian people who saw this place needed to be improved and more useful for the poor in this location. This building will stand to serve thirty thousands of people who live in the 10 villages around this area. Serve Cambodia will manage the construction of this building and will be accountable to Australian government for using the fund in development way. The benefit from this project will go to the local community including members of Fellowship of Hope Church and Light of Hope education centre children who also live in this area, for everyone to get equal and fair treatment for their health care. The existing management structure of the hospital (an existing government owned and run hospital) will continue.


The government managers of the hospital will work with Serve Cambodia staffs to make an agreement where the official of the hospital and Serve Cambodia director will do the conference with people in that area to show that we openly for the poor to get fair treatment. Serve Cambodia’s future support of the hospital won’t be with taking away the government’s responsibility to run and supply the hospital, but will be to educate the local people more and help them to learn how to access the health care.


People in this location need to have a better treatment for support their physical as they do not afford to purchase medicine or checking their health with doctor. The local hospital was very small for that area, and so it was hard for them to provide enough care for everyone who needs medical treatment. Also Serve Cambodia wants to see people could reduce their expenditures by accessing the free health treatment for the poor, and save up to make more stable in their families. As family could use this saved money to support their children’s education and to increase that living-standard. If the people are healthy then it is easier for them to continue their work or studies and to support their families. This brings benefit to the whole community and the country of Cambodia.


It includes the pregnancy care for the women and delivery hall. Also the disable people will get place to go when they needs assistant. And the children will receive the preventing injection and medicine.   In working together as friends between the local government who runs the hospital and Serve Cambodia, this Friendship hospital will provide the fair treatment to people who have poor condition, lack fortunate, lack money. And now they have less worry of hospital fee or other problems, and can be more educated about the help that is available for them and more educated how to take care of their own health.

Thanks so much to the CHiC fundraising team, Serve Cambodia designing, planning and building teams, and ACCIR and Support Group development planning advice that all combined to help us to do this for the poor of Cambodia in a successful way for the future and show God’s love! We really appreciate you all.

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Light of Hope update

These children started their lives in the same way as the students from TLC and HOH. The other centres have developed so much over the years, and this year our second group of TLC students will graduate from high school and start university (something that most Cambodians can’t even dream of doing, especially from poor villages and the slums). So it is good to remind ourselves how far we have come, and how much we can make a difference to the lives of the children at the younger Light of Hope centre.


Today we would like to show you some of the regular activities of the students at LOH education centre. Even though we don’t have enough sponsored children yet to hire a full team of teachers, other Serve Cambodia staff have been taking turns to help out along with the 2 full time teachers at LOH and ongoing input from Pastor Savuth. The children have been receiving healthy nutritional food for lunch during the week, regular lessons including English, Khmer, art and crafts, music and regular head lice treatments.



The students were also blessed to receive a visit recently from a team from Malaysia , as well as a few teams from around Australia. They were able to assist with teaching the students and to give them gifts of  food and supplies for the education centre.



When Light of Hope first started, classes were held in the local pastor’s house. They then moved to a neighbour’s empty farm shed for a while, before being blessed with the provision of the current purpose built wooden building which has room for all of the desks, chairs and learning supplies. At this time we are looking for more sponsors for these students so that we can afford the ongoing running costs of building a new centre for them to learn in cooler and more comfortable conditions. Fundraising for the construction costs is going very well so far, but as with any project it is equally important that the ongoing running expenses can be covered into the future. So your help would be greatly appreciated if you know of anyone who might be interested in sponsoring one of the Light of Hope children. Their futures keep getting brighter and brighter thanks to the support of people like you.

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Faithfully serving Jesus

Dear everyone,

Hope you and your family are all doing well. Here is the pictures and the story of Pastor Khom.


Pastor Ket Sochkom live in Makak village with his two children. Khom is the pastor look after three churches in Takeo province.


Two years ago his wife pass always leave two kids behind one boy and other one girl live with Sochkom today. He is a full time pastor and also work as the farmer look after some cows for other to get small income. The children and pastor Khom live in poor condition face with hardship.


He is a faithful man of God even poverty never disappear from him but he has show us how rich he is in Christ. Please pray for him as we want to rebuild his house give him a better place to live for the rest of his life with the poor two kids.

God bless you all,


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Light of Hope update

There has been lots happening lately at Light of Hope, the newest of Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres.

Pastor Vuth says, “LOH is a small centre in Doung village, many children from the surrounding area come to study at this centre. They come mainly from two villages, called Doung and Makak. There are two classes, one for kindergarten children and the other one is for bigger children. For the bigger children we provide activities such as language, literature, maths, story time and also songs. Now we are running some more programs like computer class, music, hygiene and health.” As you can see, the new guitars and second hand computers that were donated a few months ago are being put to very good use!

Light of Hope was also recently visited by Samaritan’s Purse and given special gifts through their shoe box project. Samaritan’s Purse is a Christian Charity that sends shoe boxes full of gifts to orphans and vulnerable children living in often difficult circumstances around the world. The children of Light of Hope were so excited to receive these beautiful gifts.

Pastor Vuth and the LOH staff have a vision to empower the children of Makak and Doung villages, and to give them a good future. He asks, “Please help us pray for the works that we’re running to teach our children. They’re so happy and smile together. May God bless you all.”

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