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Life living in Rubbish Dump village

The Rubbish Dump village has 45 families who live around a rubbish dump, most of their jobs are scavenge at rubbish dump for plastic, copper and other recyclable materials that they can exchange for money and they can earn $4 per day.


So do you think that $4 per day is enough for make their living for 5 member in their family? Of course that it is not enough for them, to making their living even in poor conditions at least you need to have more than $7 per day. That’s why some of them tries to push their children must scavenge for recyclable materials every day and most kids to work alongside them to make enough income and provide the family’s needs… (rice, food, clean water & Renting room every month) while most of the kids don’t attend school.

If some day they can’t make enough money 3 time a day to buy food, they need to find food to eat from dump that some restaurant leave over at rubbish dump.

During Phcum Benh Day (Khmer Holiday) that is very difficult time for them to earn money to buy rice and food to feed their family, because buyers at the rubbish dump not available to buy from them for this time and they are need to wait till the Khmer Holiday is finished. Another problem they face with raining season, the area where they scavenge rubbish it very flooding in the raining season, so they need to walk in the bad water to scavenge the rubbish for exchange money to get food, that is how they earn money to make their living!

And we would like to thanks God for his blessed by the recent team from Mounty Church who visited Fellowship of Hope Church and Serve Cambodia and the Rubbish Dump village, and we have opportunity to sharing the word of God to them and we also knew that they face with hunger problem and the team want to bless them with a gift of rice, and we not forget to thanks to Louise Ellings and her team that provide them with well for all the villager to get clean water to drinking.


Please be keeping the people of this village in your prayers daily.
Thank you.
LOVE, Hope & Peace be with you.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

together with Meng Oum (Serve Cambodia manager)

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Through the very helpful training that we have had with ACCIR staff that come to help Serve Cambodia again over the last few month, we have recognize a lot of things for improving the way the community working together. To start in action we have done some work with the people in community that live in Happy Village I and II to find out their vision and what they want to learn or doing in the next 3 year.


In the last 3 month till now we have done more than 9 family interview form so far. It’s such a privilege to hear about their life getting difference from before. We are so proud of them to see they are growing in the better way. Through the talking we have some fun time and also we have some time to play game together to make it joyful and easy for them.


Anyway, we find out one thing that they are wish to have in the future is the land and house ownership that belong to themselves. We have encourage them to set up a good plan to achieve their goal if they are really keen to see that in the futures. So we have encourage to them work harder and try to save up the money that they earn today to have a good family budget plan so they able to get the loaning from other Micro finance organisations to achieve their plan in the future. Some of the families have been saving really well for the past few months now according to their budgets and are very encouraged about this.


Everybody in the world wish to have better place to stay and live in the good condition, so do the people in our community as well, they want something that they can achieve for themselves, and see the results of their own hard work and commitment. Finally, please pray for them to achieve their goal of what they wish to do in the futures.

by “Sochea” Sy Chan (Serve Cambodia manager)

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The Road for Glory

Early in 2015 peoples who living in Happy Village #1 are have been blessing by get new road and people are very happy to see new road that happens in their village, and because it very hard in raining season with muddy and small road. This was so hard for them because they travel by walking, bicycle or some of them have 1 motorbike for their whole family to ride together. It was easy to get stuck or fall over in the mud.



It also was a great opportunity that we have the chief commune officer joins with us on the opening day of New Road construction at Happy Village (Koh Krabey village). In the speech the government chief officer said:

“Serve Cambodia has been a part of developing to our community, not just through the education but also through the transportation (Road) too. Just like today that we will do the new road construction by cement with 4m widths and 200m length. So these are happened because of Serve Cambodia see the needed and want our community developing like our neighbour community. I hope that all of us in this village will cooperative take care this new road when it is done as it is belong to everyone in community.”

_DSC8554 _DSC8607 20150110_115942


The road was finished about one week, everyone in the village are very happy to see new road because they easy and smooth for them to travel. So many people in the area were excited when the road was complete, so they sat out on the road for a long time that day and celebrate with eachother.



Finally we would love say give thanks to God that he blessed to our community and our peoples, and we also give thanks you to our partnership from overseas friends that they come to helping and see what we needs, and committing to raise the money needed for this project. Thank you all so much!

by Meng Oum (Serve Cambodia community development worker)

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Banteay Mean Chey is a province in Cambodia and next to Thailand border, most of Cambodian job are growing rice and some of them are farmer.

And not long ago in 2010 The Fellowship of Hope church we start having relationship in that area (Banteay Mean Chey province ) and have a few churches now in that province.  

Last month one of our Pastor and a few youth from Fellowship of Hope Church, we went on a mission trip to Banteay Mean Chey province for visiting our church at over there and we went each church in that area, and the last church that we went to visit is smaller church at Svay Chek district  but are very strong with their faith  at over there, we heard testimony  about one of men went to work at Thailand as worker and his have an accident with electric shock and he lost both hands and one of his leg is gone but he still alive, that is a sad story to hear, But he said “I am every Thank God that he not give me up and I knew God will use my life to show his kingdom”…..

After we hear his story we pray for him and feel sorry to him that thing it happen to him, we really enjoy our trip to Banteay Mean Chey province.

Thank you so much God Bless you …..

- by Meng Oum (FHC assistant and Serve Cambodia community project manager)

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