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Pastoral Training with Mission Direct

As for several years, Mission Direct has been sending short-term mission teams to Cambodia from the UK. Whether through teachers training or pastoral training, they have been a blessing to many lives in Cambodia both directly and indirectly for the glory of God along side Fellowship of Hope Church. This is in addition to the amazing work they do every year in supporting Serve Cambodia’s community development projects, through fundraising for and helping to build new facilities, homes and classrooms.

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Last year, a couple of pastors whose names are Bob and Mike (who were part of the Mission Direct team) conducted pastors’ training for a few days on the Book of Nehemiah. They returned again this year with two other pastors Clive and Dave and taught on the book of Acts. They covered topics such as Pastoral care, sin, the cross, baptism, and worship while teaching from the book of Acts.

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The training started on the 13th and finished on the 15th of February. Some of the pastors that were present were from the provinces and they brought some of their elders with them as well. Now they in turn are able to teach other pastors and elders across the rural areas of Cambodia with what they themselves have learned.

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The training was mutually beneficial as the local leaders learned from the team and the team learned how churches work in Cambodia, the victories and the challenges faced by local leaders, and the sacrifices made by people from poor communities who dedicate their lives to serve Christ. They will be discussing about further training for the future, but for this year the local Cambodian leaders have received much and will in turn teach others what they have learned.

by Worthy Williams (missionary serving with Fellowship of Hope Church)

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Serve Cambodia has been working to build the shelter for those are hopeless and homeless as we want to demonstrate God’s love for them. Lately, we went to a dump village called Derm Khnor where is located in the southern area of Phnom Penh.
In this locality, we met many people who are living in squalid & cramped condition and some are homeless and living under the tree. Moreover, they are earning the money about USD$2.50 a day through pick up the recycle stuffs like plastic and cans to sell. They have to go to the dump at 4pm till 4 am, and they rest at the daytime.

So Serve Cambodia worked with an Organization called Mission Direct from England, to build the 8 bamboo houses for people who live under the trees.

We have spent for 4 days to build those houses, so we dig the holes to put the pillars, make the structure of house and then we nail the bamboo and tin.





After we built the house, people are very delighted to have it for their families and they will not stay outside or stay under tree at the night time like before or get any harm from something as well.




Please continue to pray to those people who are homeless like them more and more, they really need to have the proper shelter and security for their family. We would like to say Thank You for Mission Direct to make this thing happened in Cambodia.

by Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia administrator)

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People who live in Happy Village Community Nº 1 (Koh Krobey village) are receiving more blessings from God this year, after they just had the new concrete road in front of their houses which donated by Rick Team in January. Now some of them also have the new houses for their better accommodation while they wish to make it happen in their community.

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Because of Serve Cambodia see their difficulties like their children are growing very fast as they need to have a private room (girl room), sometimes the house get flooded when the rain falls down and some of the last more basic houses are getting old and deteriorating.


These new house have a size of 7 meters length and 4 meters width and it has bathroom, kitchen, mezzanine and  utility system and it is the strong building.

Now we have built two houses already and we will keep going to build more for our people in this community. As Serve Cambodia has strong commitment and leadership to serve these people, so we will try to find the generous donation and sponsorship.


We would like to say Thank You God for everything He blessed, and also our friend, partner and supporter especially the Mission Direct Teams who join to make these things happened in this community. Mission Direct have supported our community and projects for many years and have continued to be faithful in helping the poor, so we are very grateful.

God bless you all and Love you.

by Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia administrator)

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Happy Khmer New Year!

To all of our friends and supporters around the world, we wish you a very late but very happy Khmer New Year!

Cambodia’s Khmer New Year celebrates the end of harvesting season, it usually falls on 13 April and lasts for three days. It is called Chaul Chnam Thmey in the Khmer language, literally meaning “Enter The New Year.” The children at Serve Cambodia’s 3 education centres celebrated by having a lot of fun outside and inside, playing games and giving gifts. The children played balloon games, piñata, had sack races and played lots of eating games! The teaching staff also went to visit those students who were not able to make it to the celebration and wish them and their families a happy new year.

The children at Harvest of Hope centre are also now able to enjoy a new larger outdoor play area, thanks to the extension to the property. There are also new classrooms taking shape thanks to the hard work and generosity of Mission Direct. We have so much to thank God for!

With love and appreciation from everyone at Fellowship of Hope and Serve Cambodia. May it be yet another year of hope and blessing for the poor of this nation.

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