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Water Baptism

Fellowship of Hope Church is very proud of the young school students in our communities around the Phnom Penh and Happy Village areas who have heard the Gospel for so long and many times from the servants of God, and lately they have decided to follow Jesus. On February 09, 2019, at Mlup Mean Water Park, there were 43 children who received water baptism.


Our members of Fellowship of Hope Church organized the program.  We sang praise and preached short message about the meaning of water baptism, after that we make two roles for baptize in a large swimming pool. There were two pastors minister as baptizer for our students.


After the program finish, all students have chance to swim in the pool and some students are also learning to swim until noon, and we have lunch together.


On Sunday service, we find that six of the students came to join the church service to hear the Word of God, and join the church activities and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.


We believe that this event is a fruit of hard work of the people in our church congregations (including some of them who work or volunteer in the Serve Cambodia education centres and other local community development projects) who never neglect in demonstrating God’s love to the local children, preaching the gospel and to God be glorify!!!

By Phanna Hun

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In Cambodia, most families are living in poverty and illiterate, thus they are liable to be suffered many problems that they are encountering and moreover, some parents don’t pay enough attention about healthcare and various prevention to their families, significantly their children. Additionally, Healthcare is a fundamental building block in the fight against world poverty. Likewise in Cambodia, the lack of healthcare prevention is one the main factors contributing poverty and blocking the efforts of the Cambodia Royal Government in developing and fostering its national economy. The cost of treating diseases is huge and it also takes adults away from their daily work and give children to miss their classes.

Serve Cambodia has been involving with helping Cambodian people to achieve their prospective goals through providing the education system which includes educational classes, nutrient food and healthcare provision. So far, one of our newly commenced projects called Medical Outreach Project has assisted as a health coordinator in our communities ( Happy Village 1 and 2) and education centres by providing healthcare training to help them to be aware of prevention and avoidance from sickness and disease, and giving some basic medication.


Due to lack of healthcare education, most parents do not care enough about of their children’s eating, thus most children’s teeth are severely damaged and decayed. Through the medical outreach project, we care about them and we had looked for outer connection with other NGOs which provides free dental care for children. 37 children who had severely damaged teeth were recently brought for Dental Care NGO to checkup.
Recently, we also provided further training through our education centres with the topic “How to brush your teeth properly”. There were 139 students participating. We choose this topic because we want to let children know that teeth are very important to mechanically break down items of food by cutting and chewing them in preparation for swallowing and digesting. In addition, we also advise them to eat healthy food and avoid eating too much sugary food because all these food can impair their teeth quickly. And we guide them to choose good quality item to brush their teeth as well. If they had unhealthy teeth, they may become sick and miss their classes.




Through this we discover that most children can know exactly how to practice regularly to build this good habit and make sure that their teeth are maintain properly. However we still continue dental check ups for other children in the next trimester to ensure that all students are paid attention. And we try our best to continue the healthcare education for them as often as possible, on this topic and many more.

by Nineaka Sim (Serve Cambodia community health nurse)

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Through the very helpful training that we have had with ACCIR staff that come to help Serve Cambodia again over the last few month, we have recognize a lot of things for improving the way the community working together. To start in action we have done some work with the people in community that live in Happy Village I and II to find out their vision and what they want to learn or doing in the next 3 year.


In the last 3 month till now we have done more than 9 family interview form so far. It’s such a privilege to hear about their life getting difference from before. We are so proud of them to see they are growing in the better way. Through the talking we have some fun time and also we have some time to play game together to make it joyful and easy for them.


Anyway, we find out one thing that they are wish to have in the future is the land and house ownership that belong to themselves. We have encourage them to set up a good plan to achieve their goal if they are really keen to see that in the futures. So we have encourage to them work harder and try to save up the money that they earn today to have a good family budget plan so they able to get the loaning from other Micro finance organisations to achieve their plan in the future. Some of the families have been saving really well for the past few months now according to their budgets and are very encouraged about this.


Everybody in the world wish to have better place to stay and live in the good condition, so do the people in our community as well, they want something that they can achieve for themselves, and see the results of their own hard work and commitment. Finally, please pray for them to achieve their goal of what they wish to do in the futures.

by “Sochea” Sy Chan (Serve Cambodia manager)

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Health checkups and new medical room

The people of Happy Village #2 near Prey Sor were very happy to be able to have medical check ups recently. A Cambodian Doctor who was visiting the area generously gave of his time to do health checks for anyone who wanted medical attention. This was a great blessing, as people here don’t have enough money to pay for adequate medical care and many health problems could have continued if this service was not made available.

Also, this was a great opportunity to provide the people of the village with some health education. Basic health information about subjects such as hygiene, good nutrition and family planning can easily be taken for granted in rich countries, but it is of great value to everyone and is something which many people in Cambodia have limited access to.

The Doctor was able to use the medical room at HOH to perform these checks. And now that there is a newly constructed medical room at TLC, it will be easier to do these medical checks indoors and in more comfort and privacy for the locals at Happy Village #1 in Koh Krobey.

Thankyou to God for blessing our people in this way, and thankyou to generous donors who help to make these things possible.

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