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We will build our church with $10!

The mother church of Fellowship of Hope is based in Phnom Penh, which is the capital city of Cambodia. Today, it has grown remarkably across the country in its 10 years of existence. Through the leadership of the mother church in Phnom Penh, it has planted 66 churches and touched the lives of about 3,000 people.


Because of its growth, the leaders of Fellowship of Hope Church have decided to build a building by faith that will be the permanent base of their work in Cambodia. This project will be called “Build a church with $10.” According to the growing number of the Fellowship, our church leaders have decided to put a building by faith. We continue to be faithful to the vision that God has place in our lives as leaders as we strive to fulfill His plans for us. The Fellowship of Hope Church purchased a land in the Phnom Penh city (17.5m x 22m) three years ago. Our young engineers (who we have supported in their university studies) have design the building plan for the building of the church. The church’s building plan has two floors plus the roof level in the normal Cambodian style: the first floor will be comprise of a kitchen, a room for Sunday School, an office and the restrooms as well. The second floor will be the accommodation room for pastors and leaders, guests and students from the provinces to stay during the training run by the Fellowship of Hope church. The roof level / third floor will be the church hall, and we can also use this opening area for training, wedding, funeral, and any celebrations else.


Our desire in believing God for this building is that we can have a base that is modern, that fits the needs of the church family in Phnom Penh. That can provides comfortable accommodations to our pastors from the provinces when they arrive in Phnom Penh and the same goes for their children that come to Phnom Penh to study. Right now we rent a building, but we are believing for a building that can be a home for our church community. The new building will be able to serve the church and the communities in a more efficient manner because of the rooms that will be built, and the ongoing running costs will be much cheaper than renting. We as the church member will give US$10 each to this project, starting with the mother church in Phnom Penh, then in our network and sister churches across the country and we strongly believed that our God will provide to make it enough.

by San Sara (Senior Pastor of Fellowship of Hope network of churches)


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In 2006, Fellowship of Hope Church was created under the direction of three pastors. Since then, they have been harmonizing and managing the ministry to see the Gospel brought throughout Cambodia.  At the beginning, the church met at one of the pastors’ sister’s empty house. After a few years, we had the opportunity to rent the building where now meet. That was made possible with the help of Bunhour’s family from the United States who has been sponsoring our rent until now. These same people are now in Cambodia visiting and helping us to celebrate our 10th anniversary!

God has called us to share the gospel to unreached and has faithfully increased our work, not only in our church in Phnom Penh, but in other provinces of Cambodia as well, with over 65 churches in our network. We continually reach people that have never heard about Jesus. Our role as servants of Christ is to share His good news and His miracles everywhere. Every year, all of our leaders from around the country meet together in one place for a training conference supported by Perth Bible College, teaching them, encouraging them in their faith and trials, showing them how to be better leaders especially in times of difficulty, and creating and reinforcing relationship among us.


Two or three times a year, we also organise another seminar for pastors and leaders of Fellowship of Hope Churches, supported by our brothers and sisters overseas. It helps them mature and grow in their faith, and further enable them to teach their own congregations. It is a time when they can also have relationships and fellowship with other pastors, through discussions, sharing meals or playing games. There is a session of questions and answers, when the leaders and pastors speak about difficulties they are facing, receive the appropriate solutions, and pray together as we know that God is bigger than any problems.


All the difficulties that our pastors or congregations face reminds us of how we are spread out across a large distance. With some problems we can not always help them physically, but we know that there is someone who can help us in everything that is Jesus Christ. As one family in Christ we have supported each other in prayer, this is what we ought to do when someone needs His help, and the Lord Jesus Christ He cares very much.


The past 10 years has been a testimony of God’s faithfulness and power as He builds His kingdom through us in Cambodia.

by Srey Lin Thol (FHC church assistant)



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Dearest to the Support Group & Donors,

On behalf of the Serve Cambodia staff and the Fellowship of Hope church would like to appreciate your warmest welcome and friendly and great company to all of us while we were with you in WA. This trip would not be so successful without your cooperation and supporting to us, it was a privileged for us to working with you as family in Christ. :-)


The time with you in Perth and Busselton became a great experience for each of us with many memories that we were bringing home. There’re many things to learn from you and we believed that will improve in some way to be a better person. However, most of you made us felt like home especially your food even it was not the real Khmer food, but they are very tasty to us. :-)


Please pass our regarding to the DCF church, we are so pleased with their friendship love and care for us, most of you were picking up us from the airport and came to say goodbye to us before we leave Perth. You have owed our tearing a lot, that’s fine one day we will take them back. :-)


We thank you Perth Bible College for your accommodation and having us as part of your students while we were with you, glad to meet some of our friend and you are very friendly to us. For the support dinner at DCF church you and Smith family working so hard to supporting us and made us so relaxing with your great work very appreciated.


Big thanks to Mounty church, Busselton church and Scarborough church of Christ where allowing us to working with you, once again it was a privilege for our team member to do some performance and speaking in your churches while we were with you. We are so blessed to working with you and looking forward to keep working with you more in the future.



Thank you Smith family, Rebecca and family, Paul and Shani, Brett and Leanne, Rob’s family, Sam and family, Adam and family and there are more people from difference churches and schools that I have not listed down, but you all been very blessed to our team such a great family time. May God bless you always!



- From Sara

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In October 2013, Cambodia was affected by heavy flood; it was very terrible event that was flown from Thailand. At that time, some provinces where are alongside with Thai’s border such as Batdombong province, Banteay Meanchey province….etc. The flood has killed a hundreds of Cambodia people across the country. During that time, Serve Cambodia staffs and Church servants have had do the fundraising from many local donators, it was including from student in the education centres and from other FHC members as well as from the overseas support group or donators. After doing the fundraising, Serve Cambodia’s Team-Work has gone straight to the devastated area to present the food supplies and medicines to people who was affecting.  A day before we left Batdombong province, we also have met a one family that stays in very poor condition. They have 11 members in the family and it is included 9 children. Two children have passed away, and other two children was other one’s slave because of their parents have been owed money, so both children need to work and repay the debt for them. Moreover, because of lack the nutrient food or daily food, so most of the children and the parents have mental problem.




Recently, because of our miss to them, so we decided to return back and bring some more stuffs to offer them. But when we returned back and in the time, the mother has given the birth to one baby by herself, because they couldn’t be afforded to pay the hospital fee, so she gave the birth at her house alone. And during the mother giving the birth, their father always escapes to the trees, just only a few children who look after her and the baby. In this time, it is great amazing that God have protected them, because after mother gave the birth, she was very cold and then the children set the fire to relief their mother, it is  under the bamboo bed and in house made by hay. So we have built a house with good condition or a sustainable when we were there, we also did the washing hair for children; we also served the food for them. And after we built the house, we also bought some more food, kitchen supplies, mattress, pillows and mosquito net…etc. Moreover, when we gave the mother some milk, and then she replied back, she never ever drinks the milk before, and she not believed that the milk tastes sweet or not.



When we return back to Phnom Penh, we have promised that we will be reached there again one day with many blessings that God will provide more and more. And we also want to say Thanks God for his helping us in this thing as well, and we feel very appreciated when God has transform or transit the bad thing from this family by instead by the happiness, peace, healthy and good condition from God. When we see their smile, it made us want to cry and don’t want to return back to Phnom Penh as well. And we also want to say thank you for all the donators who always support our working in Cambodia.


Thank You for your pay attention to read this story.

May God bless you all.

San Sara

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