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The life grown up by supporting

This is Seyha, he studies at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres since 2011. He is the good boy and the top student in school. He loves the school and works hard learning English language at the centre, among his other classes. He is the active student in class and he isn’t just a top student at the SC centre but he also the top student in the state school.

HOH 204 Hul Seyha

He has gotten the good result of an examination and the teachers at state school are proud of him. Especially in November this year he will get the praise certificate from the Ministry of Education. Nowadays Seyha is studying at Grade 11 and he will finish high school in 2018. He comes from the poor family and lives near the SC education centre.

hoh 204houl seyha

About Seyha’s family, they had originally moved from the slum and came to live near the Serve Cambodia centre. Even though he has moved out of the slum, his family doesn’t have much money. It is still in a poor area - everyone needs a lot of support to make a bright and new future where they can earn enough income for themselves and improve their lives.

Local houses

Local house

Seyha can study until finish high school by support from his sponsor and he is very happy for his education because he never thinks that he can study until finish high school and got the great result like that. He said that “thanks to sponsor that always support my studying and make me the top student in school”.


All the teachers and staff at Serve Cambodia are so proud of his studying and these past three months he is volunteer at the HOH centre and assist to teach the small class at afternoon. He always comes to help at the centre when he has time. We send our thanks to his sponsor that transform his life and get the bright future, and also to all of the other people who sponsor students like Seyha through Serve Cambodia’s education projects.

Prepared by Vanna Hin ( HOH Centre Manager )

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Kakada’s story

Life can be very different for one child compared to the next. Some children live in the good family which cherish and love them and provide the sufficient meals, clothes, money and welfare with fully protection from their families. In contrast, some children don’t have enough food and anything that can develop them to reach their potential. Or sometimes, they have to work to earn income to support their families and this stunts their economic development and limits their future opportunities.


Kakada is a student at one of Serve Cambodia’s education centres, and he is an astute and outstanding student in the government school system and also in the Serve Cambodia centre, as he often gets number one in his classes. He is so sociable in the school. Some of his friends go to him and need his assistance of lesson explanation. Undoubtedly, all the teachers are so proud of him.


Unfortunately he lives with only his mother, brother and sister, as his father passed away since he was young. At the present, his mom is quite old, sick and unemployed from her previous work in the garment factory. Anyway, she still does her best to find a small income by washing the clothes, toilet or dishes for other people and earns approximately US$1.50 a day. As she has desire to see her children have bright future and proper job, she always encourages and urges her children to study hard and she is willing to carry on the existing burdens to look after her children. Her actions have shown a strong and positive example to others in her community for how they can change the future of their families.


Serve Cambodia has also given Kakada’s family additional housing and food support in the period that his mother still didn’t have any good job, so that she didn’t feel the need to remove her kids from school and send them to work. Serve Cambodia has given opportunities to many poor children like Kakada to receive free education, nutrient meals, study materials, uniforms, healthcare provision and last but not least, when they finish high school, Serve Cambodia also fulfils their dream by supporting them to have higher education or vocational skill in any university.

We also encourage anyone who wants to be part of transforming the Cambodian children’s lives and help them to reach their potential in the future, as they certainly are needing your support and prayers for them. The best practical support that you can give is to sponsor a child through Serve Cambodia, which gives the resources that are needed to continue this work.

by Vanna Hin and Hong Kim (Serve Cambodia staff)

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Recently was the final examination for all of the Serve Cambodia students and we note that all kids are working very hard to do research of their assignment and writing carefully to get number one of their examination. All the kids are confidently for the examination and they try to get number one to number five in the class. They are very busy with their studying and they are remembering the lesson that they had learned.



All kids are getting an exam with transparency and for each of the class teacher set up the table for them and stay with them to manage the classroom. Teacher set up the rule for them for the exam. All teachers reinforce for education of kids by no copy in the classroom, and the kids are doing the exam by their ability and with happiness.

students are got exame

The result of the examination is good for each of students got the high score and some improve a little bit of their previous score. That’s good result for them and their parents they very happy to see their kids passed the exam and got good score. Parents meeting are the way that teacher and parents have opportunity to discuss about kid’s education. It is not only their parents were happy but all teachers were happy and so proud of their students. And we hope next term the student do even better than this time.

20140930_144556parent meeting (2)

Thankyou to all of the sponsors who are making this education possible!

by Vanna Hin (Harvest of Hope centre manager)

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Our Education Centres

Serve Cambodia is a non-government organisation (NGO) that has been working since 2007 with a purpose to help Cambodian People to get out from their poverty through give education to their children and to assist them to achieve their dream and their future. Today, Serve Cambodia has 3 Education Centers, they are Tarsha’s Legacy Centre, Harvest Of Hope Centre and Light Of Hope Centre.

Tarsha’s Legacy Centre (TLC) is the oldest Education Center that was built nearly 7 years ago, there are 4 classes with 4 teachers, one assistant teacher and one day care class with a total of 100 students.


They are in different ages from 4 years old children till 19 years old ages. We teach them English, Khmer, Morality, Hygiene, Craft, Mathematics and some other skills as well like Computers in a purpose for all students to achieve their future.


Adding more, we also help them with the physical needs like a nutritious meal each day for every student, vitamins to support their growing and first aid care when needed.


Harvest Of Hope Centre (HOH) is the second Centre after TLC which is located at the outskirt of Phnom Penh. It will be take you about 20 minutes on the drive from the city. HOH has a great centre manager called Hin Vanna.


She is a great and creative leader with her team, and very well organised too. In every term, they have different activities or strategy for their student. And they provide the same education and nutrition as TLC, plus also helping some people and students with HIV in their area.


Their students are very interest to join their classes. We also have the competition with other centres as well like sports carnival and Top Ten student tests.

DSC00300 20141013_084731

Let’s see Light Of Hope Centre (LOH) now, which was the third Centre after TLC and HOH which is located in the province of Takao. It is about 1 hour away from the city. Even though are farther than the other 2 centers but there many interested over there. The students there, they are very thrilled of their learning because they understand clearly about their family situation and they really want to make change for their family.


LOH had spread the positive influence in that society. They are very appreciating to send their children to study with us, and the staff show a great example to the community even though so far they only have a small team and small wooden classrooms. It will be a huge blessing soon when we complete their new Centre building for better facilities, and when we have more sponsorships here we will be able to hire more teachers too.


Totally, all centers we have the same enthusiasm, want all of the student that study with us to have the brilliant future and good job for their life. They are the one who can transform their family, village, society, community and country. Thankyou so much to all of our sponsors and the people who support these 3 centres, and to our God for supplying whatever we need for this work.

by Phanna Hun (TLC Centre Manager)

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